Lindsay Lohan's Nail Artist Told Me 2023's Hottest Mani Trends

Nail trends come and go, but the trends we've seen so far in 2023 have been incredible. Whether you're looking for new nail polish colors or want an expensive-looking nail design from the salon, this year's trends are definitely delivering. 

I caught up with celebrity nail artist Elle Gerstein, whose star-studded clients include Lindsay Lohan, Blake Lively, and Mariah Carey. She let me know the nail trends she thinks will continue well into 2023. Spoiler alert: The months ahead will be full of interesting nail colors, fun textures, and customizable manicures. Keep reading for the best nail trends of 2023 and how to recreate them yourself. 

Viva Magenta


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"With the Pantone color of the year being announced for 2023 as Viva Magenta, this shade will definitely be trending," says Gerstein. 

Vanilla Latte


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Gerstein explains that this shade will be trending because it makes nails look "expensive." "A clean look that emphasizes modelesque, natural, beautiful hands," she says. "This will be trending because everyone wants to spend their money wisely and have it show that they do."

Grounding Colors


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Gerstein predicts airy and earth-inspired colors like moss green will trend majorly in 2023. 

Burnt Neutrals


(Image credit: @browngirlhands )

Burnished neutrals, like this warm terra-cotta shade, are a great way to add a twist to classic neutral nails. 

Layered Textures


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"This is when multiple textures are encased in separate layers to create dimension," says Gerstein. "Mattes and shiny options in polish and gel make it easy to achieve the layered texture look for DIYs."

Amplified Velvet


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Velvet nails are achieved by using a magnet over sparkly nail polish to create a velvet-like finish. "I like this trend because it's really expressing movement—we're not one dimensional anymore," says Gerstein. "We're going to amplify it by adding stones, foil, and textured glitters to add the extra dimension on top of the velvet."

Signature Statement


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"You can do whatever you want," says Gerstein. "It's customizable. Whether you want to make a statement with a word, your name, initials, or a nod to your loved one (like I did on Lindsay Lohan), that's what makes this trend so cool."



(Image credit: @oliveandjune )

"I think we're going to continue seeing stickers and press-ons as a lot of people don't have the time to spend at the salon for intricate designs," says Gerstein. 

Nail Stickers


(Image credit: @nails_of_la )

Just like press-ons, nail stickers are an easy way to add fun designs to your nails. 

This article was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated.

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