Wait and See: Celebs Will Wear These 12 Runway Looks in a Few Months' Time

popular runway look fall/winter 2023


Valentino; Versace; Bottega Veneta; Simkhai

If you want to know what celebrities will be wearing (and the rest of us will be re-creating) in no time, I suggest you start with a number of popular runway looks. Why am I so sure of this? I've spent more hours studying the recent fall/winter 2023 collections than I can possibly count, so I can state with conviction that these looks will have major A-list placements. In a few cases, they already have—Lady Gaga wearing a fresh-off-the-runway Versace dress just days later to the Oscars, for one.

While runway looks will inevitably end up being photographed in editorials, it's celebrities who are the ones to really bring the looks to life and put them to the test IRL. So as I was flipping through each collection, I started bookmarking the looks that reminded me of certain celebrities, and I think I nailed these predictions, if I do say so myself.

From the Valentino look that was just made for a Zendaya red carpet moment to Bottega Veneta's reimagined '90s uniform that's bound for Kendall Jenner's closet and the Gucci micro bikini top Zoë Kravitz would absolutely body, continue on the discover the 12 popular fall 2023 runway moments to know about before celebs inevitably make them go viral. 



Designer Look: Valentino F/W 23 Look 68

Celebrity Prediction: Zendaya

Among Valentino's absolutely star-studded lineup of A-list brand ambassadors, Zendaya is perhaps the most well-known face of the brand. The collaboration between the two, brought to life by stylist Law Roach, has given us countless iconic fashion moments, from a crop top on the 2022 Oscars red carpet to the dreamy train of pink satin rosettes at this year's SAG Awards. So when we first glimpsed the Valentino F/W 23 collection, it wasn't a matter of if Zendaya would wear any of the looks. Rather, it was which look she'd wear first. My prediction is look 68, a languid sequin gown that balances womenswear and menswear aesthetics with its sultry thigh-high slit and crisp black tie.


Bottega Veneta

Designer Look: Bottega Veneta F/W 23 Look 42

Celebrity Prediction: Kendall Jenner

Nobody does effortless off-duty dressing quite like Jenner, so when I saw this satisfyingly simple look at Bottega Veneta, my mind immediately started conjuring images of Jenner wearing it around L.A. The model seems to have an affinity for Matthieu Blazy's designs, having pulled two looks recently from the brand's spring/summer collection (see here and here).


Saint Laurent

Designer Look: Saint Laurent F/W 23 Look 34

Celebrity Prediction: Laura Harrier

Of all the A-list ambassadors for Saint Laurent, from Kravitz to Hailey Bieber, Laura Harrier just might be my favorite star for the French house. The marriage of her minimal style with the brand's low-key luxury just feels right, and this collection was no different. I think Harrier would gravitate toward my personal favorite, look 34, which is comprised of a leather aviator jacket and an easy silk skirt.


Dilara Findikoglu

Designer Look: Dilara Findikoglu F/W 23 Look 4

Celebrity Prediction: Bella Hadid

When Bella Hadid wore a custom look from the rising Turkish designer to the Met Gala after-party last year, it immediately put Dilara Findikoglu's subversively sexy POV on my radar. Of everything the designer put forth this season, it's this deconstructed take on a traditional skirt suit that I think Hadid will gravitate to the most. The balance between the sophisticated silhouette and the way the raw edges seem to be coming undone strikes me as something the supermodel would be all over. If I had a crystal ball, I'd even say that she'd wear the look for the launch of Kin Euphorics' next flavor—something baby pink, to be sure.



Designer Look: Khaite F/W 23 Look 42

Celebrity Prediction: Katie Holmes

Khaite and Katie Holmes go way back. Ever since the actor-director made internet history for her cardigan-bra moment from the brand back in 2019, the duo has forever been linked in my mind. Since then, Holmes has remained a steady customer of the brand's serenely tailored aesthetic, and I predict that next season will be no different. Of all the floor-length dresses and sharply tailored outerwear in this collection, it's this simple but fluid look that has Holmes's name written all over it. I could see her wearing the understated ensemble for a low-key red carpet or fall event.



Designer Look: Ferragamo F/W 23 Look 59

Celebrity Prediction: Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa's glamorous and high-gloss style is an easy match for Ferragamo's new look under Creative Director Maximilian Davis. This silver draped minidress is exactly the kind of sultry, eye-catching thing that the pop star would be spotted in going to a late-night dinner in her native London.


The Row

Designer Look: The Row F/W 23 Look 18

Celebrity Prediction: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Between running Rose Inc and being a mom of two, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a busy woman. No wonder the functional luxury of The Row features prominently in her wardrobe via the popular outfit galleries she posts to Instagram. If you're familiar with her style, you know that Huntington-Whiteley doesn't stray far from her neutral color palette, but with this shade of red having such a moment right now, she'd be my top pick for who I'd want to see in this stunning red coat.



Designer Look: Simkhai F/W 23 Look 31

Celebrity Prediction: Emily Ratajkowski

To close out the brand's fall runway, Emila Ratajkowski walked the runway in a sequined blazer-dress and a pair of chunky ankle boots. Despite that, I actually think the star would pluck a different look from this collection for her own wardrobe. Simkhai's reimagined two-piece tuxedo is a peak EmRata outfit if I've seen one. It's sultry yet sharply tailored, and perhaps most noteworthy, it features a Ratajkowski style signature—the exposed midriff.



Designer Look: 16Arlington F/W 23 Look 38

Celebrity Prediction: Suki Waterhouse

Suki Waterhouse is quickly proving to be just as much a force in the style world as she is in the entertainment one. Her recent press tour looks while promoting Daisy Jones and the Six have been filled with plenty of sequins, feathers, and sheer fabrics that are fit for the role of a '70s musician she plays in the TV series. Buzzy London label 16Arlington is a master in all three of those elements, especially with this look that Waterhouse would wear to a T.



Designer Look: Gucci F/W 23 Look 1

Celebrity Prediction: Zoë Kravitz

Maybe it's because I haven't stopped thinking about Kravitz wearing a bra-exposing crystal dress to the 2022 Met Gala, but the microscopic bikini top in Gucci's recent runway immediately made me think of the actor and how well she'd pull off this daring look.



Designer Look: Loewe F/W 23 Look 37

Celebrity Prediction: Taylor Russell

As she's the new face of Loewe (and the only U.S. ambassador to the brand), it's not a matter of if Taylor Russell will wear a look from the recent fall collection—it's simply which one we'll see her in first. I'm placing bets that it will be this one, a cropped black shirt made from a doll-like stiff fabric. 



Designer Look: Coperni F/W 23 Look 12

Celebrity Prediction: Paloma Elsesser

Supermodel and face of many a Vogue cover, Paloma Elsesser is a longtime fan of Coperni, so I predict she'll be pre-ordering this LBD featuring metal hardware accents sculpted to look like hands pinching at various points on the body. It's a striking way to highlight the physical form of its wearer, and I just know Elsesser would just bring the dress to life off the runway.