31 New Zara Items That Are Sending Me Into a Tizzy

Apologies if we've bombarded you with so many fall trend ideas, but we're just that excited about the new season on the horizon. We've already taken cues from runway shows, chic French women, celebrities, and yes, even politicians, but now I've set my sights on Zara to help me sift through all the new fall trends—because you know the retailer's site will be filled to the brim with them.

Not surprisingly, Zara's newest arrivals hit on a slew of different trends, many of which we've been looking forward to for months already. Case in point: shoulder-pad tops. H&M and Mango have their own versions of the '80s-inspired look, and now Zara has jumped into the ring as well. 

Shoulder Pads

If you're feeling bold, this top is an excellent way to test-drive the trend. 

This sweatshirt's shoulder pads are a bit more subtle than the above version, but certainly no less stylish. 

This kills two birds with one stone: it hits on the faux leather trend as well as the shoulder-pad trend. 

If you're looking for just a hint of the '80s.


You have to zoom in on this jumpsuit to appreciate the textured details. 

I'd wear this unbuttoned with a white tee underneath. 

Statement collar? Precious bow? Check and check.

Chunky Lug-Sole Boots

Wear these with high socks and a mini skirt.

These lug soles are so practical for inclement weather. 

Just a touch of Victorian vibes here. I'd wear these with a full midi skirt. 

Cardigan-and-Bra-Top Sets

Yep, I'd also wear this with baggy jeans. 

Yes, bra tops can be worn as real tops. 

It's time to trade summery cotton tees for cozy knits.

I love how this is styled with only the top button buttoned. 

Blazers With a Twist

This chic Parisian mom listed oversized blazers as one of her favorite fall trends. 

Faux leather is all the rage for fall. 

This blazer would look great styled with over-the-knee boots.

We love a blazer with a matching belt.