The Only Accessories to Buy For New Year's Eve

End-of-year celebrations are happening right now, and looking for the accessories to finish off your look shouldn’t be taking up any of that Aperol time.  To save you from a last-minute panic about what to add to your Esber or Ellery, we’ve narrowed it down to the only five accessories you need to see you through to the end of 2015. They’re the hero pieces that will be huge next year.

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It’s been a while since we’ve paid any attention to our wrists, but that’s all about to change. No-sleeves weather means the wrist should be getting a lot of love. Keep it sleek and simple with one bangle. Or go over-the-top and double up both wrists. The rule of thumb here is to make your wrist stand out.

It’s 5.57 p.m., you’re still at your desk, and you have to be somewhere in three minutes. It won’t happen, but you need to get ready fast. Enter—the sleek choker. It’ll make everything from a baggy grey tee to a summer sun dress look elevated and pulled together. Keep one of these at your desk for last-minute party prep.

These will banish awkward silences and start conversations. The best rule to follow is the bigger, the better. Wear them with an off-the-shoulder top or bustier to really show them off. And remember to take them off when you get home; they’re hazardous to sleep in (trust me, I know).

How often would you step out in crazy, eye-catching heels? Probably not very. Now is the time to embrace the silly season with footwear to match. You have two options here. Either let them blend into an already-busy outfit, or keep everything else monochrome so your shoes really stand out.

A clutch will always have a time and a place—but how much better is life (and parties) when you don’t have to worry about juggling a clutch, a cocktail and a canapé? A metal chain strap works best for after-five.

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