Try These Looks and You're Practically French

When stylish women come to mind, Parisians always top that list. French women are synonymous with style, and really, part of the reason is their understated approach to fashion that always looks good. After all, they tend to opt for classic and trend-resistant pieces that will look good season after season, instead of items that will end up in the resale pile after a few months.

When it comes to the style of Parisian women, their look can be summed up in three words: nonchalant, effortless, and chic. From tailored jackets to the perfectly cut jeans to a versatile pair of suede ankle boots, French women always add pieces to their outfits that are polished without coming across as trying too hard. Here, read about the women who inspire us and embody what Parisian style looks alike today, then shop some of the pieces they’re wearing now.