So "Pantashoes" Are Now a Thing

Have you ever wished for something so hard that it actually came true? Well, if you've ever wished for over-the-knee boots that don't scrunch down on your legs, then you're in for a treat. Although, you may not be ready for the solution…

Enter "pantashoes." Created by Demna Gvasalia for Balenciaga, these body-conscious, spandex boot–legging hybrids will set you back around £1000 and are inspired by fetish wear. But don't let those little facts stop you from imagining them everywhere (including your wardrobe) this autumn. Because that's what's going to happen, you know.

Pantashoes from Balenciaga A/W 17


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It doesn't take much for a Gvsalia trend to catch on—all fashion fans need is a whiff of a trend scent, and they're off. (Think Vetements' IKEA logos, lighter boots and so on.) But Demna isn't letting this one go unnoticed by the masses: Almost every single one of his '80s-tinged looks for Balenciaga's A/W 17 runway featured a pair of these pull-on spiked stilettos, which also go by the name of "bants" (boot-pants).

And with the success of the previous season's extreme over-the-knee boots, is it any wonder the boundary-pushing designer has taken the idea one huge stride further? While you can date this idea back to the 1960s (decades ago Pan-T-Boots emerged in the States as a kind of hosiery-boot panacea to solve the slipping-down problem), the pointed finish and lurid colours of Balenciaga's new iterations are anything but retro. But look at them in black and you'll see that they are both sculpting and modern (and already favoured by Kim Kardashian West).

While some may have pre-ordered them, you can now get your hands on a pair via Net-a-Porter. We predict "pantashoes" could even make their way down into high-street retailers soon. After all, Mango has produced rather striking thigh-high and ankle versions in purple that have already sold out. Want to see more of the trend? Keep reading to see and shop Balenciaga's "pantashoes."


Opening Image: Sandra Semburg

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated by Elinor Block.

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