The Jacket Nearly Every Fashion Girl Is Wearing Right Now

Suddenly, everything seems to be upsized. Baggy jeans have replaced skinny styles, XXL button-down shirts have eclipsed more fitted versions, and suiting has reached new slouchy proportions. We can thank celebs such as Hailey Bieber for putting this “oversize everything” look on the map, and it’s not going away anytime soon. The latest iteration that has entered the wardrobes of fashion insiders? Oversize leather jackets.

This comes at a time when leather jackets have faded into the background a bit. Classic moto jackets were once a must-buy piece, but I’ve noticed they haven’t been in rotation the way they were a decade ago. Now that designers are debuting looser cuts ranging from bombers to blazers to biker jackets, leather jackets are back and cooler than ever. Ahead, see how fashion people are wearing the oversize-leather-jacket trend, and shop it accordingly. You’ll leave here feeling confident about how to wear the on-the-rise micro-trend.

Leather Bomber Jackets

One of my favorite takes on the oversize leather jacket? Bombers. You actually couldn't escape bomber jackets five years back, but they quickly grew oversaturated on the fashion scene. Now that the upsize leather versions have hit the market, though, they're officially back in demand.

See the trend:



Style one over a maxi dress.



Or wear it with jeans for a "borrowed-from-dad" look.

Leather Blazers

Leather blazers are a trend I'm personally a huge fan of. This season, we're seeing them more than ever, with designers like The Frankie Shop releasing them in super-loose proportions.

See the trend:



A leather blazer is the ultimate transitional piece.



Layer yours over fitted pants for a play on proportions.

Leather Biker Jackets

If you thought you'd seen the last of leather biker jackets, think again. This time around, we're seeing them in looser cuts and silhouettes that look like they're straight out of the '80s.

See the trend:



Simply wear one with a white tee and slouchy pants.

Jeans and Converse sneakers are always a solid bet.