This Engagement Ring Style Is Growing 700% Faster Than Round Ones


David Livingston/Getty Images

We've covered a lot on the subject of engagement ring trends over the years, and as of late, it seems like you can't beat classic round-stone engagement rings when it comes to the most popular style. Which is why we were surprised when we recently received intel from the ethically sourced engagement ring purveyor Brilliant Earth that stated another diamond shape (well, two similar shapes) has been growing a whopping 700% faster than round. Brilliant Earth sells pretty much every engagement ring style (all of which are fully customizable) under the sun, but the brand declared that over the past year, pear-shaped stones have grown almost three times faster and oval stones over four times faster than round stones. Not only that, but the brand said that the aforementioned pear-shaped stones have grown seven times faster than round over the past three months, so the trend is undoubtedly heating up even more.

Perhaps the reason that oval/pear stones have taken off is that they're as classic as round stones but they have magical finger-elongating powers that round ones lack. And it probably doesn't hurt that it's a style that's worn by the likes of Blake Lively, Kate Middleton, and a slew of other celebs. Read on for 17 stunning pear- and oval-shaped engagement rings to drop a hint about (or just gaze at).