"Festival Style" Isn't My Thing—Here Are 3 Chill Outfits I Wore to Outside Lands


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The moment I secured my ticket to Outside Lands, the annual three-day music festival in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, I was faced with the particular challenge of what the heck to wear when my personal style is far from typical festival fashion. I can't help it, but when someone says "festival style," my mind is immediately flooded with images of floor-length fringe, a negligible amount of clothing, and loads of flower crowns. It's not the fault of the festival itself but rather all the stereotypes of what people wear—and I bought into those stereotypes long enough to make me believe that festivals just weren't for me and my closet. It's silly to even admit that, but here we are.

So I took a decidedly "chill" approach to my own Outside Lands outfits. Instead of purchasing an entirely new wardrobe of things I would surely only wear once, I put together outfits that I'd definitely get wear out of again post-festival, mostly from items that were already in my closet. That translated into easygoing outfits like a minidress with ankle boots and a printed tank with cargo pants. Low-key was the name of the game with my Outside Lands attire, and my festival experience was all the better for it (no wardrobe malfunctions or uncomfortable clothes here).

Ahead, see my outfits for the three-day music festival, and shop each piece I wore.

The Outfit: Printed Minidress + Combat Boots


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This look epitomizes my approach to getting dressed for Outside Lands. It's cute and comfy but definitely not trying too hard, and most importantly, it's an outfit I've worn before in my regular day-to-day and will probably wear again soon.


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Two key components to any music festival look: a bucket hat and a fanny pack.


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My outfits for Outside Lands were fairly simple, but I went all in on the accessories to make each look feel more festival-ready.

The Outfit: Leopard Cami + Cargo Pants


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A tank and trousers have become my uniform lately, so I translated that fail-safe combo into something more festival-ready with a few updates like this ruched leopard cami that instantly put me in a fun mood.


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A few gold necklaces layered up was just the boost my outfits needed.


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Once the sun began to set, I added on this green quilted jacket as another layer.

The Outfit: Mesh Top + Leather Trousers + Tevas


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The weather was a bit chillier than you'd expect for mid-August, so I jumped at the opportunity to wear these epic leather trousers and a printed mesh top.


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For an all-day festival spent on my feet, these Teva sandals totally saved me. They happen to be trending for summer, making them a practical and stylish pick—a win-win for a festival shoe if you ask me.


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My best friend Becca and I both went with shimmery eye shadow for our festival makeup looks. The pop of color from my green lids earned me so many compliments that day.

For more of what I've been shopping and wearing lately, check out the outfit I wear every time I travel now.

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