5 Outfit Ideas With Tights (Because It's Freezing Outside)

Now that the holiday season is fully upon us, the temperatures have continued to drop all over the country—and the desire to show our legs has gone down right along with them. Yet it seems sad to hide our stems from sight for so many months out of the year, shielding them behind pants, long-hemmed dresses, and full-length skirts.

The best way to show at least a little bit of leg during the winter months is to put together looks that incorporate tights. From classic styles like sheer black and fishnet to more statement-making ones that feature colors and prints, tights can add a lot to your look while keeping your legs (fairly) warm.

Keep scrolling for five chic looks that'll inspire you to let those limbs breathe a little!

How do you usually style your tights during the cold months? Share in the comments below!

Opening Image: Style du Monde