5 Chic Outfit Ideas for Women Over Age 30


Collage Vintage

Age is nothing more than a number, right? While you should definitely wear whatever you want (whenever you want), style inevitably does vary based on the year you were born. Are you still wearing the same style of jeans in your 40s as you were in your 20s? Probably not. But just because you've passed another birthday doesn't mean your look can't feel just as fresh as that of a 20-year-old's. To prove it, we've highlighted five incredibly fashionable women from 30 years old and on, along with styling tips to master each of their looks. You'll reach for each of these sophisticated outfit formulas time and time again.

Keep scrolling to scope out sleek outfit ideas in your age group. But remember, if you spot something you prefer more in another age range, just go for it—regardless of when your birthday falls.

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