This Designer Is Changing the Way Women Around the World Dress

Tyler Haney, founder and CEO of the activewear brand Outdoor Voices, was just named one of 2017’s “Most Creative People” by Fast Company. Alongside names like Kylie Jenner and Donald Glover (also known by the stage name, Childish Gambino), it’s safe to say that Haney has made a name for herself with Outdoor Voices.

Praised by blogs, celebrities and influencers alike, Outdoor Voices has quickly cultivated a cult-like following due to its high quality and fashion forward fitness clothes. With celebrity fans spotted in the brand, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Olivia Culpo, Outdoor Voices is becoming a force to be reckoned with in activewear.  

Talking about how the brand came to fruition, Haney revealed how she set out to design a line of activewear that she herself would want to wear in an interview with Man Repeller’s podcast, Oh Boy. This mindset led her to create her own soft fabric for the clothing, instead of using conventional fabrics that leggings are typically made of. Her in-depth approach has proven to be successful, as Outdoor Voices’ sales have quadrupled, according to Fast Company’s profile.

Money aside, Haney definitely deserves her spot in the magazine's “Most Creative People” list. Her success only goes to show how a clever idea, like creating a new material, can change an entire industry. Given this, Haney’s success makes sense: we are all looking for the next big “thing”, and she was able to find a way to fill a void before anyone else!

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