I'm Sorry to Say It, But These 5 Coat Trends No Longer Make the Cut

In case you were wondering what my living room looked like this morning, allow me to introduce you to the tidal wave that took me out. You better believe I came with receipts.


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Yep, that's hard proof that I spent an hour before work today clearing out my coat closet. The results are so good. It was getting hard for me to figure out which coat I'd wear every day with how stuffed it was in there, and finally, there is a place for everything. If this article found you, it must be a sign that you should clean out your coat closet too.

Finding coats to get rid of when you're trying to make more space is hard. Coats are very timeless in nature since they're an item you wear on repeat, so there are a few "trends" that I'll be bidding adieu to. Even the coats that I don't really like have similar replicas that feel elevated and on-trend. Below, find the list of the coat trends that did not make the cut in my 2023 wardrobe.

Shopping: Shearling Coats

Skipping: Fleece Coats


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Nothing is more luxe than a shearling coat. In comparison, fleece just doesn't hit the same. In the Who What Wear office, you won't find an editor who doesn't have a shearling coat at home. That's all you need to know about the topic.

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Shopping: Soft Leather Coats

Skipping: Vinyl Coats


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Soft leather puffer coats, popularized by none other than Nanushka, have been trending for a few winters. As brands churn out new iterations and silhouettes that include this fabric, it's clear that this type of coat will be around for a while.

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Shopping: Collarless Coats

Skipping: Neon Coats


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I'm a big fan of predicting micro-trends, and I have a feeling that collarless coats will have a big moment in 2023. We've seen the classic wool coat over and over—it will never fail—and it's fun to give it a little bit of an upgrade.

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Shopping: Maxi Hemlines

Skipping: Overly Cropped Coats


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Predictably, with the rise of floor-sweeping maxi dresses and skirts, coats are along for the ride. While most long coats used to be cropped at a midi length, expect designers and retailers to push out a lot of long coats this year and next. It's an elegant top layer that can make even jeans and a T-shirt feel innovative.

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Shopping: Blanket Coats

Skipping: Cliché Prints


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I'll never say no to an opportunity to walk around wearing a massive blanket and look good doing it. The fact that this has become a big trend is absolutely iconic. The cozier the better.

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