The 23 Coolest Under-$100 Items Our Editors Have Seen This Month

Maria Bernad Street Style Paris


Szymon Brzóska/The Style Stalker

There’s no time like the turn of a new season to get a little shopping in. After all, I can’t be the only one who’s almost too ready to put my winter coats and boots deep, deep in storage and liven up my wardrobe with some spring-ready pieces. If said pieces happen to be budget-friendly—even better.

With that in mind, I thought I’d ask my fellow editors what under-$100 items they’ve been eyeing for the months ahead because, well, nine heads are better than one, right? As you’re about to see: Right! As always, my colleagues didn’t disappoint. From Ally’s $80 shacket find to Anna’s colorful $16 earrings to Kristen’s under-$40 handbag pick, and some pretty good steals on my end (if I do say so myself), prepare for a lot of adding to cart ahead. To see and shop the 23 coolest under-$100 fashion finds our editors have seen this month, just keep scrolling.   

"I had my eye on a more expensive cream-colored shacket, but when I saw this Topshop version, I ordered it immediately."

"I did a double-take when I saw these jeans. They're so good."

"The sport sandal trend is coming, and I'm stocking up."

In case you haven't heard, baby blue is one of the colors I'm very into right now, and this tee is calling my name.

Beige is going to be everywhere this spring, and this cami makes wearing it so easy. It'll look perfect with high waisted jeans in both blue and black, or an all-beige look.

Of course, my love of baby blue extends to bike shorts. I'm also into how these have a ribbed texture and aren't too long.

"All I want in life is a Ganni beanie. I haven't been able to justify a $100 beanie to myself, so I haven't bought one yet, but since I think about these perfectly fitting little knit treasures at least once per day, I probably should just bite the damn bullet."

"I can't decide which color I like best, so I might just have to buy the lot."

"Ready or not, Bermuda shorts are poised to take over this summer. This dark-washed denim pair is the coolest iteration on the trend yet."

"I think I just found a way to keep wearing black activewear and freshen up my workout outfits at the same time."

"One of our London-based editors got this top, and I knew I had to have it ever since. It vaguely touches on the tie-dye trend without being too on the nose."

"I can think of a million chic ways to wear this print-on-print scarf."

"I know, I know these are technically $5 over the $100 price cap, but they're too good not to include."

"I spotted a co-worker wearing these snake-effect ankle booties a couple weeks ago in our L.A. office. She told me they were a huge steal at Mango, and she wasn't lying. I've been hoving my mouse over 'Add to Shopping Bag' ever since."

"I've also had my eye on these rainbow crystal hoops from Tai for entirely too long."

"This looks way more expensive than its $34 price tag."

"You can't escape the beige trend that's taking over fashion, and these pants are the chicest way to wear it."

"I plan on wearing these $50 Zara sandals all spring and summer. Mark my words—they're about to blow up your IG feeds as well."

"Nicole actually showed me this shirt, but that's not the only reason why I love it. I think this is a unique take on a basic white T-shirt, and since I tend to live in those come summer, this one will add a nice variety to my rotation. "

"Patiently waiting for the warmer weather so I can slip into these sleek sandals."

"Topshop's midi skirt game is strong. How pretty is the sage green hue and lace detailing of this one?"