Fashion People Are Hitting the Gas on These 7 Spring Trends

There’s a strong chance you’ve been carefully plotting your spring wardrobe game for the last few weeks to get it all buttoned up for when the temps finally decide to warm up. Sure, you may have narrowed it down to a sampler of trends, but there’s a few more you may want to consider in your rotation.

Because after scrolling through IG recently, it became clear that there are actually seven fresh looks the fashion elite seems to be all about right now. While every trend is different and unique in its own right, they all share one common theme—each will instantly bring your spring offering to that forward next level.

Okay, rather than sit here and chat the rest of the day, let’s get down to business. Keep scrolling to uncover (and shop) the seven new trends fashion people are feeling to inspire your spring wardrobe.

1. Tough as Leather
Spring 2019 trend: leather skirt



Yes, leather for spring is a thing. That said, we’re not talking about the heavy jacket you wore in the fall. This season is all about lightweight leather in the form of skirts, dresses, and tops.

2. Shades of Beige
Spring 2019 trend: all-brown outfits



The fashion industry is coming down to earth this season and embracing brown and tan. Pro tip: Try the muted hue head-to-toe for a non-boring vibe.

3. Strap In
Spring 2019 trend: strappy sandals



When it comes to footwear, the more simple the better; try a pair of '90s-esque strappy sandals. 

4. Baggy Blues
Spring 2019 trend: baggy jeans



While your skinnies and flares will never truly go "out," consider storing them this spring in favor of an on-trend baggy silhouette.

5. Birds of a Feather
Spring 2019 trend: feathers



Feeling a bit extra? Add that hint of luxury to any ensemble with feather accents for that wow factor. 

6. Tie-Dye
Spring 2019 trend: Tie-dye



California here we come. Lean into that chill West Coast vibe with a so-right-now tie-dye number.

7. Fancy Lady
Spring 2019 trend: Blazers and sophisticated looks



On the other end of the spectrum, buttoning up in sophisticated separates like modern blazers, high-neck blouses, and sleek top-handle bags is also a must-try look.

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