I Won't Order Anything Without Asking These 11 Questions

Online shopping (and shopping in general) can be an overwhelming process. There are literally millions (make that billions) of items to choose from, but most of us don't have a limitless budget, which means that it's best to take careful consideration before spending your hard-earned money on just anything. After one too many impulse purchases in my past, I've developed a list of questions that I ask myself about the item before placing an order. As a result, I've found that I actually wear my purchases on repeat occasions, and I have to deal with the hassle of returns far less frequently. While I can't say that my life is impulse-free all the time, I can say that smarter shopping and generally more thoughtful purchases have occurred thanks to these 11 questions I ask myself.

Keep scrolling to see the list, then shop pieces that passed the test for me.