Olivia Wilde's Jeans Are Under $200 and Surprisingly Still in Stock


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I hate to sound like a broken record, but skinny jeans are waning in popularity right now. There's absolutely nothing wrong with wearing them—in fact, they're still royalty approved—but if you want to know which denim styles people are trying instead, you've come to the right place. Photographed at a farmers market in Los Angeles, Olivia Wilde wore full-length, wide-leg jeans, which are hugely popular right now. 

Specifically, Wilde wore two pieces from La Ligne: the Toujours Sweater ($395) and the Isadora Jeans ($195). She finished off the look with Ganni's Wool Blend Logo Beanie ($95) and Ray-Ban's Wayfarer Reverse Sunglasses ($193). The result? A chill yet chic outfit for running errands on the weekends. Scroll down to see Olivia Wilde's new outfit for yourself. 


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On Olivia Wilde: Ganni Wool Blend Logo Beanie ($95); La Ligne Toujours Sweater ($395) and Isadora Jeans ($195); Ray-Ban Wayfarer Reverse Sunglasses ($193)

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