Why Olivia Munn Ordered Her SAG Awards Dress Online

The process of selecting a perfect red carpet dress can be a major production for both the stylists and the stars themselves. For anyone who remembers watching The Rachel Zoe Project, you’ll understand why the often stressful process involves sifting through countless collections for many designers and attending fittings and alterations all in the hopes that the final product will be finished on time. This is the reality for pretty much everyone who walks down the red carpet. For this year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards, Olivia Munn broke away from the industry’s standard and instead found her dress just like every other shopper: through an online retailer.

Munn worked with Jessica Paster, a celebrity stylist who’s dressed many of the industry’s big names for the red carpet. After searching through countless dresses, they landed on this Oscar de la Renta gown listed on Farfetch. “What caught my eye was the gorgeous beaded and sequin leaf motif,” Paster explained to InStyle. “I always receive emails and direct messages on my social media from people asking, Where can I get this dress? It’s great to be able to say you can go to a store in town or even easier, websites—like Farfetch—and buy it now.” The kind of “see now buy now” mentality that’s ubiquitous to the online shopping world seems to be finding its way to the red carpet. Could this be a future trend among the Hollywood set? We’re betting it won’t be the last time.


Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Available in sizes 2 to 10.

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