A Top Manicurist Told Me These 5 Nail Colours Will Be So Popular in October

Halloween is only four weeks away, and it's officially Pumpkin Spice Latte season, which can only mean one thing: It's time for our roundup of the best October nail colours. Yes that's right, the time has finally come to switch out our summer manis for more autumnal shades, and I for one am super excited. Here at Who What Wear UK, we make it our mission to keep you up to date with the latest nail trends, and we're always speaking to industry experts about what colours to wear for each season. So, with October under way, I reached out to Charlotte Knight, CEO and founder of Ciaté London, to find out exactly what shades to opt for on my next trip to the salon. 

Although Knight has recommended some absolute classics that I can't wait to try, she's also thrown in some new, fun colours that have got me reconsidering my burgundy and brown nail polishes altogether. There's definitely something for everyone, whether you want to keep things minimal this autumn or try a pop of colour now and again.

So, without further ado, keep on scrolling for the biggest October nail colours of 2023, and get ready for everyone to be complimenting you on your new manicure.

1. Red, Red Wine


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"This shade is a moodier version of a classic, deep red," explains Knight. "Last year's oxblood trend has turned into this year's deep red-wine shade, and it will be a key player this season. The deeper your skin tone, the deeper you can explore this colour. This shade appeases many due to its classy and sophisticated connotations."


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There's nothing more sophisticated than a deep red mani.

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2. Espresso


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"There are as many shades in the 'coffee nail' category as there are options on a Starbucks menu," says Knight. "From iced coffee to creamy latte, we’ve seen a few of these colours trending in makeup and clothing. For October however, espresso is what’s drawing our interest. A shade of rich brown so deep, in some lighting it'll look black. This is less harsh than black though, and therefore is a much more wearable colour that will still go with your entire wardrobe."


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If you want your nails to look expensive this autumn, then this is the shade for you.

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3. Ice Blue


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"This is a colour for those who are willing to try something new," says Knight. "Ice-blue nails are reminiscent of the coldest winters. It's a colour that looks great on the palest and the deepest of skin tones alike, due to the creamy pastel undertone. I love it as it's a nostalgic throwback to Y2K ice-blue eye shadows and is a dopamine-boosting shade that isn’t too loud for daily wear."


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If you don't want the pastel shade all over, why not opt for French tips instead?

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4. Au Naturale


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"People are slowly starting to switch acrylics for natural nails, and even celebs have been going short and subtle," says Knight. "Sensibly understated and restrained manicures with nudes, pinks and creams are expected to be everywhere for the upcoming season."


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The best bit about this trend? It's so low maintenance and will help to keep your natural nails as healthy as possible.

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5. Cherry Red


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"Cherry red is another nail colour that has been teasing us for the past year or so, and you can expect the trend to peak this autumn, with the feminine red tone being seen across social media," says Knight. "It's a shade that just feels so sexy whilst also appealing to all age demographics, as it's a colour we all know and love."


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This shade is definitely more of a statement, and I'm a big fan.

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