4 Epic Burgundy Nail Design Ideas Fashion Girls Can't Get Enough Of

As fall's chill settles in, you're probably focusing a lot of your attention on your freshening up your wardrobe and shoe closet—and don't get us wrong, this is a huge step in the seasonal switchover process. Packing away your summer clothes, making room for cold-weather attire, and scooping up a few new pieces are all things we're in the midst of doing right now, too. But the products on your vanity shelf (you know, your lotions, masks, lipsticks, and nail polishes) all deserve equal attention this time of year because, well, fall calls for slightly different beauty shelf essentials

One of the easiest ways to gear up for fall and get in the spirit (if PSLs and crunchy leaves aren't doing it yet) is to get a cool burgundy nail design. The deep, rich hue screams fall and is exactly what girls in the know are gravitating toward especially hard right now.

Need some ideas on what to do with the dark polish? We tapped four beauty girls for their burgundy nail design ideas. Keep reading to see what they have in mind. 

Ruby Buddemeyer, Beauty Editor, Cosmopolitan

"I'm always a fan of negative-space manicures, but there's something extra pretty about burgundy polish against bare nails. It's a great way to add a little excitement to a fairly classic hue." — Buddemeyer

Anna Buckman, Shopping News Editor, The Zoe Report

"I'm usually not a big nail-art fan, but this particular design is definitely tempting me to try some this season. I love how the design is simple, subtle, and sleek; plus, the dark burgundy shade fits right in with my fall wardrobe." — Buckman

Nnenna Echem, Influencer

"I love trying out new nail designs, and burgundy is definitely a popular color this fall. I can't wait to try something called a gradient manicure, which means you use different shades of burgundy or colors that are similar to burgundy in the right order from darker to lighter or vice versa. I kinda tried it, but not a gradient manicure, but more of a mismatched manicure with burgundy, which I also liked." — Echem

Eva Thomas, Fashion Writer, Who What Wear

"I'm probably most pumped to try the plaid nail trend this fall—and I can't wait to wear it with a burgundy base. I'm not usually one to sport lots of patterns, so this burgundy nail design idea is the perfect way to infuse a bit of eye-catching detail into my autumn looks." —Thomas

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