I'm Prioritizing Wellness This Year—I'm Ordering These 30 Nordstrom Items ASAP



On my long list of resolutions for the new year is focusing on wellness. Now, when I say that, I don't mean elaborate wellness trips or making any major lifestyle changes—I just want to be more intentional about how I take care of myself. After all, when you're not taking care of yourself in the way your body needs, you can't show up as your best in other areas of your life. The main thing I'm focusing on is getting enough sleep (we all know being well-rested is the best way to kick ass in life professionally and personally).

I also want to focus on my skincare and doing things that make me feel centered like taking long baths, listening to my favorite podcasts while walking around New York City, cuddling up with an Ugg blanket to watch my favorite movie, and integrating some wellness supplements into my diet. When looking for items to help me on my wellness journey, the retailer I turned to was Nordstrom. It actually has an entire section on its website dedicated to all things wellness, so I rounded up 30 items that I cannot wait to try. 

Keep scrolling to see what made the cut.

I have heard the best things about Moon Juice supplements. 

I haven't tried this yet but it's on my list. 

Sleep is so important when it comes to your well-being. 

Try putting your facial roller in the freezer before using it. It's great for puffiness. 

Every skincare lover needs a great gua sha. 

I love an essential oil diffuser—it's the best way to unwind. 

A collagen pill is a must-have. I keep some on my vanity. 

A body lotion designed to help you de-stress. 

I always reach for a soft lounge outfit when I'm ready for a little self-care.