42 Nordstrom Finds You'd Only Know About If You Spent Hours and Hours Scrolling



Nordstrom is constantly replenishing its products, and keeping up with each installment of new arrivals is essentially impossible. However, that's what I'm here for. Besides the fact that it's my job, I weirdly get so much satisfaction out of scrolling through all the new clothing at Nordstrom, from affordable finds to funky designer pieces. Naturally, I wanted you to join in on the shopping fun, which is why I shopped out 42 Nordstrom finds you would really only know about if you spent hours and hours scrolling like me. 

Below, get ready for a laundry list of new, cute things I am loving from the retailer, and brace yourself for the abnormally full online shopping cart you're about to have. 

Pops of red are the easiest way to make a standout outfit.  

These are under $100 and are perfect. 

Spice up your favorite jeans with this tough belt. 

Hoodies are trending thanks to Miu Miu. 

The perfect necklace to wear with a basic white tee. 

The ballet flats our editors can't stop talking about.

Dress these up or down with ease. 

Never underestimate the power of a good white shirt. 

Summer is coming and these are the shorts you'll probably wear every day.

For the girl with Chanel taste but a Zara budget. 

My toxic trait is I buy too many tank tops, but this one is too good to pass up. 

Each of these colors really speaks to me. 

That slit on the hem makes the world of a difference. 

The versatility of this dress knows no bounds. 

Shopping in the men's department has never looked so good.

The girls who get it, get it. 

The kind of coat you can wear with anything. 

The barely-there sandal you'll live in from spring to summer. 

Trust me, this is about to become one of your new wardrobe staples. 

No one would ever guess this is under $100. 

With a black tank top and simple flat sandals, this might just become your new go-to summer outfit. 

You'll never regret treating yourself to a soft robe, so we'll leave you with this.

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This post was originally published on an earlier date and has since been updated.