I'm a Beauty Editor—Here's Everything on My Massive Wish List

Pulse check: How are we doing, fam? We know it's getting weird out there, but we hope you've found as much comfort in staying up on the latest in fashion and beauty as we have. Retailers are getting creative about connecting with customers during these uncertain times, but as a result of said worldwide weirdness, online shopping is pretty much the only retail therapy available to us.

Not that shopping is absolutely crucial right now, but buying things other than toilet paper (in reasonable quantities, of course) certainly can offer a bit of relief. As for me? I'm a master wish-list builder. Filling up an online shopping cart with more items than I could ever actually afford is a particularly refined skill of mine. Just ask my mom—I've been doing this since the days of dial-up internet.

I'll be honest: I've got a wish list going right now that's a tad ridiculous. It's chock-full of all my favorites, like La Mer, Mason Pearson, Byredo, and more of the beauty buys that make my heart beat faster. One retailer that always has the best selection of these big names is Nordstrom, so I dug through its entire beauty selection to build the epic wish list we all need right now. Check out the selects and shop them fast before they sell out.


Every celebrity hairstylist on the planet has several of these pricey brushes in their kit. I once heard from a very reliable source that even Rihanna was stunned the first time she ever ran this nylon-and–boar-bristle brush through her hair.

This spray is the perfect addition to any wavy-hair look.

This flat iron will smooth out even the frizziest mane.

This apple cider vinegar based salt scalp scrub and rinse will gently clear any flakes or debris building up in your hair.

Masking isn't just for your face. Give your locks a little love too.



This set will turn you into a master of scent layering. 

This gorgeous scent is both fresh and complex.

Set the tone anywhere in your home with this beautiful diffuser.

This diffuser will make you home smell like a tropical vacation. Get ready for some relaxing vibes.

Byredo's scent offerings are some of our absolute favorites.

Mr. Ford sure does know his way around a fragrance.

This would be an amazing gift, but, let's be real—you'll probably want to keep it for yourself.


This is the perfect discovery set to try out all the most popular selects from the celebrity-adored La Mer line.

Now you don't have to visit a facialist for a microcurrent treatment.

These acid peel pads are perfect for keeping your skin even and primed to absorb all the goodness from your other skincare.

This surge of vitamin C will keep you bright and smooth all spring.

This dopp kit has everything you'll need for a weekend of pampering.

This is one of the best physical exfoliators we've ever used.

Hydration is the name of the game with this nourishing water cream.

Facial hair and dead skin cells don't stand a chance.

This clean, gentle cleanser is great for all skin types.

This celeb-favorite facial essence is an anti-aging secret weapon.

This enzyme mask exfoliates and tightens the skin super gently. There's not tingle or tightening sensation, but when you rinse it off, your skin looks brand-new.


This is the tinted moisturizer that put the entire product category on the map. 

We love individual eye shadows just as much as we love good palettes.

This is the stick you need to get that perfectly smudgy eyeliner look.

If you're a fan of the original orgasm shade, this more vibrant one could be a fun switch-up for spring.

This lipstick is one of the most popular ones we've seen in a long time.

This concealer right here really is radiance in a tube. 

This fluffy foundation will give you flawless skin.

If we had to name the top five concealers of all time, this would be one of them.

This is the lip liner that made me believe in the power of lip liner. It's so damn good.

Get ready for the thickest, blackest lashes ever.

This is perfect for brightening under your eyes or concealing all over your face. 


Layer your scent to keep it potent all day long.

This all-over body scrub, face mist, and lip conditioner will leave you so smooth and velvety from head to toe.

Anyone else's hands super dry right now?

This luxurious body wash will envelop your senses for the entire duration of your shower.

This luxe body moisturizer will keep you soft from head to toe.

Up next, see the best fashion picks from the Nordstrom sale.

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