A Celeb Colorist Says These Will Soon Be the Most-Requested Hair Colors

We're just days away from the official start of spring, but let's face it: The birds certainly don't seem to be chirping with the same carefree vigor as years prior. Times are weird, to say the least, but we're keeping our spirits high by setting our sights on all the impending beauty trends we're most excited to debut once the tide turns. And right now, we're gearing up for a much-needed seasonal hair color shift.

Spring is the perfect time to revamp your hair color, but selecting a hue can be tricky. We called in celebrity colorist and Redken brand ambassador Matt Rez—who cares for the tresses of stars like Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Hunter Schafer, and Jenna Dewan—to give us his take on the spring hair colors that are about to blow up.

"Black- and purple-based red hair colors that are way too cool or dark for the season," says Rez. Instead, he's sensing a shift toward golden blondes, cool browns, and some unexpected rosy hues. Ahead, check out the six spring-appropriate hair colors Rez is calling out and get his expert tips for making your color last longer, too.

Dimensional Golden Blonde

"Dimensional golden blonde is the perfect youthful hair color," says Rez. "Perfectly blended ribbons of golden blonde highlights that melt into baby blonde tips, with floss-thin blonde wisps around the face to tie it all together." Rez loves this color for spring because of how it can be tailored to complement any number of personal features like eye color and skin tone. "The golden blonde brings in the majority of the warmth and the more neutral blonde accents break it up for a perfect balance and blend."

Color-Care Priority: Heat Protectant

"Heat protection is key for blondes," Rez explains. He loves this leave-in treatment by Redken because it provides heads protection and also seals the hair cuticle to smooth split ends.

This weightless mist is another favorite of ours. It doubles as sunscare for your strands.

This OG spray protects the hair against hot tools up to 450 degrees.

Strawberry Blonde

Not to be confused with straight-up red, strawberry blonde is another springtime hue Rez expects to see gain more traction. Rez explains that this blonde hue ties in coppery red or pink undertones to warm up the color a bit without going too far into red territory. "This color is perfect for blondes who have been toying with the idea of possibly venturing into the red side. They can make a quick stopover before fully committing," he says. 

Color-Care Priority: Color-Safe Shampoo

"Color-care shampoo is so important with strawberry blondes, as the in-salon gloss used to achieve your perfect shade will be delicate and fade more quickly if you don’t shampoo with color-safe products." He loves this one because it's sulfate-free and prolongs the time before you'll start to see your color fade.

Pros also love Olaplex for keeping color fresh longer.

Here's another option to keep your rosy hue in tact.


If you're ready to fully commit to a crimson mane, Rez says spring is the perfect time to go for a true, copper-red. "Red hair colors that have an orange base to them are the most believable," he says. "They look best when the roots of the hair are more on the earthy side to avoid a 'hot root' look when light bounces off, while the lengths are more vibrant and have more of the copper kick to them."

But even if you're still on the fence about crossing over to the fiery side, Rez said there's an in-between fix: "If you have been wanting to try reds but not make a permanent switchover, try demi-permanent options first," he instructs. "If you are a brunette, ask your colorist to bump your existing hair color to the level of red first, and lay the perfect copper-red gloss over instead of coloring it with a permanent red base. If you have a lighter shade, like blonde, ask for a demi-permanent gloss instead of a full-blown base color change." 

Color-Care Priority: Sulfate-Free Conditioner

"Reds fade the fastest, so sulphate-free shampoo mentioned above and sulphate-free conditioner is key," Rez says.

This conditioner protects and softens the hair, keeping reds vibrant longer.

Curly and kinky hair textures should reach for a formula that deposits lots of nutrients to keep both color and curls happy.

Taupe Brown

"Taupe is a good option in the spring if you are not one for warmer colors," says Rez. "It's a lighter shade of brown that has more of a neutral, cool reflection." According to the pros, this color can be achieved with deeper, more matte-based glosses at the salon.

Color-Care Priority: Blue Shampoo

"A blue shampoo for cool brunettes is key to home maintenance," Rez explains. "Since the color brown is composed of red, yellow, and blue and we want the cool blue to stay prominent, a blue-based shampoo is key to preventing from the brass tones as the color fades."

This blue shampoo is perfect for brunettes who are looking to preserve a cool, springtime color.

Blue shampoo isn't just for blondes. Cool-toned brunettes can get just as much of a color-maintaining benefit. 

Midlight Bronde

"Midlight bronde is a great option this spring for brunettes or blondes who want to live the best of both worlds," says Rez. "This is a perfect universal hair color with a customizable balance of color and tones to literally suit anyone’s skin and eye color." According to Rez, the base of this color can be anywhere from a dark brown to the darkest blonde, with highlights that are more neutral to cool-toned, which get tied perfectly together with a warmer midlight. "Depending on what skin tone you are, you can play with the coolness of the highlights. The midlights that are weaved in between the highlights will keep the silhouette from appearing drab," he says. 

Color-Care Priority: Purple Mask

"The ideal product pick to take care of this color is a mask that preserves and nourishes the highlighted hair and keeps brass down without depositing intense ash tones," says Rez. He suggests using the one by Redken once per week.

This treatment mask is great for keeping brassiness out of true blonde hair as well as highlighted hair.

Ethereal Pink

"Pastel hair color is great for clients who want a whimsical flair and pink works perfectly for the season," says Rez. He predicts a cotton-candy hue with slight violet undertones will be the go-to pink shade of choice. "The color can be solidly laid over bleached blonde hair or veiled over-highlighted blonde hair." We love the idea of working the color into protective styles like braids and twists, too. 

Color-Care Priority: Dry Shampoo

"These colors fade super fast, so I would say the less washing the better. Go between shampoos with a dry shampoo to preserve the ethereal pink shade," Rez instructs. He recommends this Redken one to keep the hair fresh for up to three days between washing.

This affordable dry shampoo smells amazing and gets the job done for a fraction of the cost of some of the most popular options.

Skipping wash day doesn't have to mean you'll be sporting greasy roots.

Up next, more hair color trends you'll see everywhere this year.

This article was published at an earlier date and has been updated.

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