6 Items NYC Girls Would Never Wear


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There are many reasons we’re particularly captivated by the women of New York City—their everyday fashion choices included. It doesn’t matter if they’re running to the grocery store or heading to an event—they inherently give off that cool, downtown-chic vibe. And while the specific items they wear contribute to that sartorial success (ahem, sleek ankle boots and moto jackets), we believe it’s the pieces they don’t wear that make them even more stylish than the rest.

To help fill us in on the items NYC women don’t wear (and what they wear instead), we tapped Womenswear Director Melissa Moylan and Director of Culture Heather Picquot from trend forecasting destination Fashion Snoops to spill on the style mistakes New Yorkers never make.

Keep scrolling to learn how to dress like a girl from the Big Apple, featuring the items they’d never wear—and shop must-haves that are NYC girl–approved, too.