9 Bold Trends That Don't Intimidate New York Girls

We're not saying all New Yorkers have bold style—some prefer a minimal, pared-back aesthetic, of course—but it's not uncommon for us to spot an out-there trend on an NYC lady before it becomes a full-blown, widespread craze. Perhaps New Yorkers just have chutzpah? Perhaps living in such a diverse, inspiring city creates a love of outside-the-box style? We won't claim to know the answer—we just know that if you're looking to adopt a few intrepid style moves, allow us to direct you to the photos ahead.

Be it with bold color, print, or statement accessories, the outfits below feature nine no-for-the-faint-of-heart trends. And if you're looking to shake up your usual routine—or maybe you've even fallen into a style rut—feel free to use the below to inspire your own next outfit masterpiece.