4 Women Who Totally Overhauled Their Style and Aren't Looking Back

Right now is the time of year when overhauling feels like the norm. We’ve just gotten accustomed to summer officially ending, we’ve broken out a jacket or two (even if we have to shove them back in the closet on a rogue 80-degree day), and it feels like a time to get serious—whether that means laser-focusing on the goals we want to achieve before the end of the year or getting better informed to cast our vote in the midterm elections next month. No matter how you define it, reflecting and reevaluating can be an incredibly powerful—as well as challenging—task, and this inspired us to turn to real stories within our own Who What Wear community.

We asked you about undergoing a major style overhaul. For some, this might mean a loss of personal style, but for others, changing how we dress is more about taking a big step into a new chapter in our lives. Below, here’s what four women—including a very recognizable fashion insider—have to say about their journeys, in their own words.