The Best Fall Outfits for the Minimalist at Heart

At first glance, I'm perhaps not the ideal candidate to be writing a story about fall fashion for minimalists. I've clearly got a thing for big prints, loud accessories, and bold colors. But given that I've also clearly got a thing for sleeping through my alarm (I just had to watch "one more episode" of Glow last night), I actually do tend to rely on fairly simple, pared-back looks most workdays.

In fact, I've practically got a capsule wardrobe going at this point: black tops of all silhouettes to pair with wide-leg jeans and whatever boots I saw propped up next to the front door on my way out to the car. In the interest of getting a little more inventive with my minimalistic outfit ideas (and to give you actual minimalists out there something to chew on), I spent weeks calculating neutral-to-bold ratios, poring over line sheets, and interviewing experts…

Just kiddingI turned to Instagram, and it was there I discovered four perfect minimalistic looks just dying to make an appearance this autumn.