The Best Fall Outfits for the Minimalist at Heart


(Image credit: @freddieharrel)

At first glance, I'm perhaps not the ideal candidate to be writing a story about fall fashion for minimalists. I've clearly got a thing for big prints, loud accessories, and bold colors. But given that I've also clearly got a thing for sleeping through my alarm (I just had to watch "one more episode" of Glow last night), I actually do tend to rely on fairly simple, pared-back looks most workdays.

In fact, I've practically got a capsule wardrobe going at this point: black tops of all silhouettes to pair with wide-leg jeans and whatever boots I saw propped up next to the front door on my way out to the car. In the interest of getting a little more inventive with my minimalistic outfit ideas (and to give you actual minimalists out there something to chew on), I spent weeks calculating neutral-to-bold ratios, poring over line sheets, and interviewing experts…

Just kiddingI turned to Instagram, and it was there I discovered four perfect minimalistic looks just dying to make an appearance this autumn.

1. Black Turtleneck + Black Pants + Bright Bag + Sneakers


(Image credit: @carodaur)

Ah, yes, the kind of minimalistic outfit you can get away with wearing in all sorts of settings. You probably already own most of these pieces already, but if not, well, you know what to do…

2. Pajama-Style Blouse + Vintage Jeans + Neutral Beaded Handbag


(Image credit: @walkinwonderland)

Love a good white button-down. The retro appeal of a silky pajama-style one, though? Beyond. Style it with a pair of high-rise vintage-style jeans, and then finish things off with the minimalist's version of the super-fun beaded bag trend.

3. Corduroy Blazer + Wide-Leg Pants + Clear Shoes + Cat-Eye Sunglasses


(Image credit: @josephinebredsted )

We never said minimalism had to be boring or colorless. How good is this pastel yellow blazer? Also loving how Josephine Bredsted added in some fun but pared-back accessories. Time to invest in some clear shoes, no?

4. Jumpsuit + Gold Jewelry + Black Bag


(Image credit: @freddieharrel)

Last but certainly not least is this fantastic minimalistic boilersuit look on Freddie Harrel. Ideally, I'd like to own this in every color and just rotate through them all week long (the lazy-girl dream)—and why not? Add in some fun gold jewelry, a pair of aviator-style frames, and a sleek black bag, and you've got personality galore.

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