15 New Style Essentials for Every New Mom

15 Style Essentials for New Moms



As a new mom, you'll quickly learn that you'll have a whole new group of style essentials that you begin to rely on. Thankfully, we've been blessed with a plethora of great options since most of the current trends are leaning in our favor. Think athleisure-focused clothing, cool sneakers, chic flats, stretch denim, shirtdresses, leggings, stylish button-down shirts, and much, much more. When it comes to fashion, there's never been a better time to be a mom.

There are some key things to make a priority when shopping for new-mom essentials. First, comfort reigns supreme when it comes to clothing and shoes. Next, keep an eye on the care instructions of all you buy—clothing that is easy to throw in the washer will help your sanity when it comes to mounting laundry. Another thing to keep in mind is to keep your everyday jewelry picks simple and close to your skin to avoid tempting your little one from grabbing on (and ripping off).

When it comes to bags, opt for roomier picks that make it easy for you to carry around your everyday things as well as some of your baby's main essentials like wipes and diapers. For breastfeeding moms, easy-access clothing and underwear will be a game changer. The best part is that whether it's clothing, accessories, or shoes, there is something for every personal style, shape, and size.

Keep scrolling to shop our helpful roundup of editor and mom-approved style essentials for the new mom.

This cool dress can be worn as a top as well—just layer over jeans and leggings.

If you're breastfeeding, this bra makes the process super easy. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors.

This stylish bucket bag has enough room for wipes, a couple diapers, and more when heading out to run some quick errands.

Unfortunately, you can’t just chuck your new bras and underwear in your regular wash load if you want to maintain the life of them. Since hand-washing is a major time suck, look for brands like LG that have options to add on another compartment (like the LG SideKick) that you can use for custom-care loads.

Babies are notorious for pulling at earrings, so for the first few years, a pair of simple small hoops is perfect.

Leggings are the ultimate in comfort, whether you're playing with your baby at home or getting errands done.

A pair of stylish white sneakers instantly adds a cool touch to the most casual of looks.

A good wrap dress is a must for dressier occasions with a nursing baby in tow.

Stretch denim will be your new best friend if it wasn't already. There's nothing worse than trying to wrangle a little one in uncomfortable jeans.

A chic tote makes for a great diaper bag alternative. Just throw in all your baby essentials, and you're all set.

This elevated button-down is a great way to breathe new life into your shirt collection.

A pair of elevated mule flats helps to make any outfit feel more put-together.

Here's another great earring option that won't tempt a baby's curious hands.

This sleep cami makes breastfeeding much more convenient at night.

A luxe pair of pajamas brings a little bit of style to those long nights with newborns.

These flattering leggings add a little support around the waist.

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