19 Cool Tote Bags You'll Actually Want to Carry

Cool tote bags



Let’s face it—the term "cool tote bags" has typically felt like a bit of an oxymoron. The carryall handbag has typically served as a more practical choice than a fashion-forward one. But that seems to be changing: These days, a simple tote can serve multiple purposes, with trendsetters packing all their necessities into the most stylish iterations.

From oversize canvas bags (perfect for schlepping around workout gear) to chic leather totes (ideal for lugging around your laptop), the tote bag is finally getting recognized as a fashionable choice. While this accessory has been flying under the radar, it’s time to show it off—after all, it’s one of the most important pieces you own. Need a new one? We’ve pulled together our favorites that are both chic and sensible. Check them out now.

You’ll want to take this everywhere you go.

Because everyone needs a polished tote to carry everything.

This is not your run-of-the-mill tote bag.

Love the PVC trend? This tote is for you.

You’re bound to get comments on this bag.

Hayward has mastered the art of the tote bag.

Add this to your luxury handbag collection.

Who doesn’t want a cool woven bag for summer?

You’ll want to take this everywhere from the beach to brunch.

The flowers on this tote are so adorable.

Take these bags everywhere from work to the beach to the airport. You’ll never regret having these in your wardrobe.