28 Hidden (But Useful) Amazon Items Only Dedicated TikTok Users Know About

new Amazon basics



Not to sound dramatic or anything, but TikTok has changed my life. The amount of time I spent scrolling through the funny dance videos and DIY tutorials on the app is maybe a little bit concerning, but it's not all been wasted time. TikTok has, in fact, been a source of life-changing hacks and genius product recommendations I never would have discovered had a video clip of 60 seconds or less not popping up on my For You Page, which is the app's equivalent of a discover page. (Let me also plug Who What Wear's own page while I'm at it—you can follow here.)

Speaking of product recommendations, there's a trend going around the app where people drop their top Amazon buys that are random but "just make sense." To see what I'm talking about, scroll down to watch this example from fashion influencer Brittany Xavier. Naturally, I watched more than a dozen similar videos and soon after filled my cart with all the hidden finds I discovered.

Some examples of these random-but-useful things a lint-remover device for when your leggings start to pill after a wash or a water bottle with time markers so you can stay on track of drinking enough water throughout the day. From cheap fashion updates and useful beauty products to at-home wellness hacks and home organization tools, scroll down to see all the new Amazon basics I uncovered from TikTok.

Fashion Items

Tie it in your hair or fashion it into a crop top—the ideas are endless.

TikTokers have a solid jewelry game from chic finds like this.

Jeans too loose in the waist? Use one of these pins to add an alternative button to your waistband for the perfect fit.

Beauty Items

People on TikTok all rave about how this tool will get you a professional-looking blowout at home and leaves your hair so soft and shiny.

Adding this ice face roller to your morning routine will wake up your skin and have you ready for all your early-morning Zoom calls.

These cute headbands are great for doing your skincare and makeup routines so your products don't get in your hair.

These little razors are great for safely removing any unwanted peach fuzz from your face, around your eyebrows or upper lip area.

How to banish maskne 101. This wand kills bacteria, and TikTok users say it will shrink your blemishes in a matter of days.

Using throwaway cotton pads on the daily creates so much unnecessary waste—these washable cotton pads are reusable are easier on the environment and your wallet in the long run.

Up your nail routine with this cuticle kit so your manicure always looks like it's fresh from the salon.

These come highly recommended from Chriselle Lim, who likes how they mimic the shape of real eyebrows for the most natural look.

Another way to pin your hair back while you're doing your beauty routine and avoid those annoying bends most clips leave in your hair.

Wellness Items

Ah, the infamous timed water bottle. This not only comes recommended by TikTok users who say how helpful it is for drinking enough water throughout the day, but Who What Wear staffers are also fans.

Banish neck and back pain (and just treat yourself to some relaxation) with this massager.

I had never considered an air fryer until I got on to TikTok, but I quickly realized that so many easy recipes start here.

Trust me—you'll wonder how you ever lived without this egg cooker.

Home and Organization Items

Lint rollers are fine and all, but they never really get the job done, you know? I saw someone using this to remove the pills that form on leggings and thought it was kind of genius.

As working from home is the norm, this phone holder is looking a lot more useful.

Multiple people recommend this makeup bag because it hold a lot, and you can totally customize the size of each compartment depending on what kind of products you have.

Avoid the fuss of using matches or getting your lighter to work.

As someone with a ton of jewelry who has yet to figure out a functional way to store it all, I think I need theses stackable boxes in my life.

I saw someone use these in their closet to hang jeans by their belt loops and thought it was a cool and visually appealing way to organize them.

If you're someone who uses a hair straightener or any hot tool, you need this for your counter and to store them while they're still hot.