Gone Viral: The 21 Products the Internet Won't Stop Talking About Right Now

As someone who's shamelessly very active on social media (okay, maybe a little shame), I've noticed that there's a variety of products that hit viral status each month. Whether it's a TikTok that makes a mascara sell out or an accessory that everyone on Instagram seems to be wearing, I've been keeping notes. With the speed of the internet, it's hard to keep track of what the masses are loving, but that's where I come in to help. My screen time may be ridiculously high this week, but I found many products I've seen plenty of users (not just influencers) rave about on their social channels. 

If you like to keep your screen time low but want to see what everyone's talking about, you've come to the right place. I searched across beauty, fashion, and even lifestyle to find out what deserves your attention right now. Keep scrolling to see what all the hype is about.

Bobbi Brown's new brand has created quite the fuss on TikTok, and I'm intrigued. This foundation comes in a balmy texture and is meant to give the "your skin but better" look. It leaves a natural, dewy finish, and a few dabs are all you need. Many reviews included the fact that it feels like you're applying skincare, which makes it blend seamlessly into your skin.

Balenciaga is having a moment right now, and these boots are high on everyone's wish list.

When I first saw the video of this being applied, I could not believe it was real. My fellow editor Aniyah Morinia immediately purchased it and let me know it is indeed worth the hype. It does it all—plumps and adds the perfect tint to your lips. 

E.l.f's Putty Primer has been an internet favorite, so I had no doubt this new one would be great. It's a water-based primer that seals and grips onto your makeup, so it stays in place all day.

Linen is perfect for the summertime, and this popular Zara option is great to combat the heat in style.

The '90s are calling. These Steve Madden slides have made a comeback, and I've seen many people raving about their comfort.

It's rare for Zara to restock trendy items like this, but after this dress blew up to viral status, the brand had no choice. You can now shop it in white.

While many popular relaxed trousers usually cost over $100, this affordable Zara pair has been a fashion-set favorite. I'm not going to lie—after I saw a TikTok of a girl around my height (5'3") wearing them, I immediately added a pair to my cart. 

If you don't trust social media buzz, trust all those five-star reviews.

I never thought I'd see millennials and Gen Zers boasting about fanny packs again, but the day has come. I cannot stop seeing this functional bag all over social media. 

I love Saie's skin tint, so when I saw a TikTok about the brand's new concealer, I was immediately interested. 

Liquid blush is a hot-ticket item right now, and I've seen multiple reviews raving about how Saie's cool-toned blush looks on their skin. My favorite shade thus far has to be Spicy, which also seems to be the popular internet pick.

This preppy essential has been around for years, and it's found renewed fame on TikTok. It's clearly never going out of style, so shop the bag for yourself.

Amazon's got you covered on the cargo-pant trend with this TikTok-approved pair.

Skims products always go viral, but this one has been getting a lot of attention for its comfort and slimming capabilities. As someone who's a modest dresser and often wants to minimize with a bra, I knew I had to order this.

Although this primer is new on the scene, I've already seen enough videos on it to be convinced that I need to try it. Reviews claim that the product dries on the skin immediately and truly blurs out any pores and helps makeup last all day.

As I mentioned before, E.l.f's Putty Primer is a popular favorite, so I had the same expectations for the Putty Bronzer.

The internet still can't stop talking about Bridgerton, including the makeup on the show. When people found out Pat McGrath products were behind each look, they flocked to purchase them. This blush, which is the exact one used on all the show's actresses, was a top contender.

Beauty editor Shawna Hudson tried this foundation out to see if it was worth the internet hype. Her review? She said she "sees why it has caught the attention of TikTok and celebs alike." It is hydrating and easy to apply, and it offers buildable coverage.

After I started using this, I rarely felt the need to wear foundation on a daily basis. It's moisturizing but also cancels out any redness on your face. Plus, it's under $20.