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At this point, there's a very high probability you've come across this multitalented model on quiet luxury–inspired Pinterest boards, Victoria's Secret runway compilation TikToks, and famous Instagram wedding posts. Maybe you've even followed along via video as she demonstrates how to achieve her bronzed and glowy makeup look or embarked on fashion-filled trips abroad. No matter how you've been introduced to Jasmine Tookes, there's no denying her magnetism and reach across beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. What better way to learn more about Tookes than to speak with her over a video call on a sunny Friday afternoon?

She answered the call sitting at an elegant, minimalistic desk wearing a cream-colored sweatshirt that looked as effortlessly chic as the designer outfits that so often grace our social media feeds. With her hair pulled up, a friendly smile, and a warm greeting, Tookes ushered in 30 minutes of question-asking on my part and honest answers that felt like speaking with a friend I had known for years. Ahead, learn everything from her go-to skincare and makeup products to her shift in self-perception after becoming a mother in February 2023.

Get to Know Jasmine Tookes

What are your biggest beauty and wellness ins and outs for 2024?

In: Going to dinner and cooking with friends, skincare routines, juice cleansing with Pressed Juicery.

Out: Rather than dieting or restricting oneself, adopting healthy habits instead, going to bed without doing [my] skincare routine, going out.

You recently posted a video on TikTok sorting through your skincare and makeup collection. As a beauty insider, how do you decide what stays and goes?

I really enjoy trying new products all the time, but sometimes, it can get overwhelming with so much product being sent by so many brands that I have to put some aside to try later. If I don't get to it within six months, I decide it's time to go because, otherwise, everything gets cluttered. I have a beauty cabinet at home. I had an organizer come over and help me do it! It's sectioned off by body butters, face serums, masks—any category that falls under beauty in my office. Then, in my bathroom, I have mini versions of the same products so I can grab which ones I'd like to try or refill what I've already used.

With only five minutes to spare before you head out the door, what beauty must-haves are you taking with you?

I'm always taking a lip balm (specifically Rhode), sunblock, sunglasses, and a nice bottle of water with lemon to help me stay hydrated, and I use a little electrolyte powder to amplify it a bit. The last thing I always take with me is a hand cream. I really love Chanel's La Crème Main! It looks so chic when you pull it out of your bag and smells great.

Are there any underrated products you're loving right now?

I don't know if it's necessarily underrated, but I love red-light therapy. I lie down in my bed before I go to sleep and have this whole shield across my face, and I really love what it does to help keep the skin younger looking and rejuvenated. If I've had any breakouts, it helps to calm down any hyperpigmentation that may form afterward. I feel like it's kind of hyped, but it's something I love.

Could you break down your haircare and styling process for us? How do you protect it while working out?

When I'm working out or not on set shooting, I always try to do the least to my hair. I love using masks and hair oils. I'm a big fan of K18 Hair because they have amazing products for masking your hair! I just put in a bunch of my favorite products and tie it in a bun to lock in all the moisture. The other thing I've been really strict on myself about is getting trims often. In the past, I've fallen off of that, and I would just let my hair grow. I find that my hair is a lot stronger and looks healthier when I'm getting all those dead ends off.


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You've been embraced as an It girl on TikTok over the past couple of years. How would you describe your everyday approach to beauty and style?

My everyday approach to beauty is enhancing my natural features and finding those little things that make me special. When I watch beauty tutorials on my makeup looks by other people, they often try to just copy what I'm doing, but that's not always necessarily the best thing to do. I think you should look at my videos, take your pieces from it, and spin it in a way that fits your face. For example, if my contour is sitting up here because I have a higher cheekbone, that doesn't mean yours needs to be there. I think it's really all about looking at yourself and figuring out the parts of your face that can be enhanced.

I take a very classic approach when it comes to fashion. One thing I always say since it's been installed in me since I was younger is to never follow trends. A lot of the time when you follow trends, you'll look back five years from now and wonder, "What was I thinking?!" I stay true to a really timeless style, which allows me to never look back and question the fashion decisions I've made in the past. I really gravitate toward classic suit blazers, nice trousers, a good belt, and having staple jewelry, which is so important to help pull an outfit together. You can have the simplest outfit on, and if you also have fabulous earrings, you look so luxe and chic. 

We can never get enough of your "get ready with me" videos, luxury shopping hauls, and photo shoots. What message do you hope to impart to your viewers and followers?

When people look at my content, I want them to feel inspired. About [my recent] luxury haul in particular, I had no idea the effect it would have on people. They instantly went out and treated themselves to amazing products! I love to be an inspiration and push people toward things that they would never ordinarily do for themselves and become what they didn't think they could be. I also hope I can inspire people with their style and health journeys! 

I just posted about the Pressed Juicery juice cleanse that I did, and so many people responded to that saying that they wanted to step their game up and start the year off right. There were so many benefits to that cleanse! It helped with bloating and made my skin so glowy. I also hope that … the workout and fitness routines I post … can also inspire people to feel good inside and out.

How has becoming a mother shifted your self-view?

It has made me more aware of a lot of things than I was before. It's made me become a lot more healthy because, of course, I want to give my daughter the healthiest options for when she's eating and when she's out and about to avoid chemicals. My approach to health and wellness has grown and improved with her in my life, which has been really interesting and fun. I love having a lot of positivity around her, so in my daily life, I try to remain super happy and positive all the time, which I have always done. Now, I think about creating a safe space and energy for her. It's been the best journey ever! She's the sweetest, cutest little girl, and I just can't wait to be her mom for the rest of her life.

What are some things you're looking forward to in 2024? Are there any projects you can share with us?

My day-to-day consists of my activewear brand, so I'm really excited for the future of that and have a lot of exciting things coming. We're still a really small team, so it's fun! I'm wearing a lot of hats, so it's nice to see everything coming to life, and all of the aspirations and dreams I had for the brand are really starting to form.


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What would be your biggest piece of advice to someone hoping to emulate your lifestyle?

It would be to surround yourself with a good group of people. I love my friends so much, and they're all really inspiring to me. Having people that inspire you is amazing since it pushes you to be the best version of yourself and encourage you to celebrate yourself. That was kind of the meaning behind [the TikTok luxury haul]—do something nice for yourself for working so hard. There's a way to have a luxury lifestyle without spending thousands of dollars on things. You can save up and buy yourself a nice jewelry piece. Be proud of that and look in your closet and realize, "Oh my god, this makes me feel so special."

Could you share your signature nail color and shape?

I'm a nude girl! You will very rarely see me with any color because it's all about the nudes, which leads me to say clean, beautiful, nude nails are in. Someone commented the other day asking why I keep posting my nude manicures since it's nothing special, and I was like, "It's special to me!" I think a mix of Bubble Bath and Put in Neutral with a soft almond shape is so nice.

What is your current workout regimen? Do you take any supplements?

I take magnesium, vitamin D with vitamin K mixed in, and electrolyte powder every morning. My workout regimen is a mix of Pilates and weight training. I love feeling super strong and really toned, and that's what I get from the weight training, but I also love the stretching aspect and targeting those tiny little muscles with [reformer] Pilates. My friends always ask me how I get my butt to be high, tight, and really firm, and I always say you have to lift the weights—squats and deadlifts! A lot of girls are scared of that, and I think it should be embraced, even if it's just twice a week. Try it!

How do you take care of your skin after your workout sessions? 

Once a week or once every two weeks, I love to use Korean skincare mitts that you put on your hands. You get in the shower and let the shower steam and soften your skin for about five minutes using no soap or anything. And then you scrub your skin with this little mitt and see the dead skin roll off. I actually started using it when I was pregnant because my skin was really dry. Now, I'm obsessed with it because so many of my creams and oils are able to penetrate my skin much better. I also love sugar scrubs and using anything that smells fresh and nice and makes you feel like you've just stepped out of a spa.


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Speaking of fragrances, do you have a signature fragrance right now?

I switch all the time! I really love Byredo fragrances and have a few different ones I wear from them. My current one is Bal D'Afrique, but I switch it up depending on where I'm going and what I'm doing. 

Do you have any secret beauty hacks you could spill?

Color correcting and using things to help my concealer shine brighter and combat uneven tones of skin. You know what I feel like people don't do a lot that makes such a difference in makeup? Simply curling your eyelashes. It's a step a lot of people skip, but I see such a huge difference with that. I have the thinnest eyelashes on Earth, and it helps enhance them. I've also been hooked on brown mascara lately because it looks so soft and subtle.

Let's talk about your gorgeous wedding style. How did you envision your bridal look, and what did it take to bring it to life on your big day?

My starting point was working with my makeup artist Leah Darcy. We really wanted to take a classic, beautiful, and soft brown-toned look and perfect it! I love a brown eye shadow, so we hunted down the best shade. I had a lot of Pinterest boards for my wedding, but for my makeup, I just wanted to do something that made me look and feel my best. In terms of my hair, it was just about letting my beauty shine and keeping it off my face.

For the dress, my Pinterest board was filled with really iconic wedding dresses like Grace Kelly. I wanted something really timeless and that spoke to my personal day-to-day style or something that my daughter could wear in 20 years that would look just as beautiful. It took us a year to plan the wedding, and I was very particular about every aspect of it. When we met the wedding planner, we hit the ground running with our vision! Every time I see my wedding pictures, they make me so, so happy.

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