11 Spring Nail Trends That Always Look So Chic

Spring Nail Trends 2024
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We've become accustomed to a fast-paced trend cycle that leaves minimal room for sticking with what we know to work best or reveling in our success (I've just learned how to achieve the perfect minimalist French manicure), but there are always opportunities to take cues from beauty trends. However, navigating the numerous trends we're met with can be a daunting task to even the biggest beauty enthusiasts. To have a better idea of what to keep an eye out for this season, I tapped a number of the nail experts I have access to for their biggest predictions for spring 2024 nails.

Below are 11 trends and products that will be dominating the beauty space, as told by celebrity manicurists and beauty educators, from youthful candy-colored shades of polish to hyper-feminine details. Pro tip: Bookmark this for easy access to inspiration for your next trip to the salon.

Shape: Square, Medium-Length Nails

Rae London Neutral Nails

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According to celebrity manicurist Gina Edwards, classic '90s-inspired square-shaped and almond nails will be making a comeback. As for length, we're going short this season. "I've been seeing less ultra-long and dramatic nails and more that are medium length in a classic almond and even short that is just at the fingertip," adds Julie Kandalec. "Enhancements are still in (structured manicures, gel polish, acrygel)just on a more active length. This is because we are working digitally more and more, and it's just faster to type!" But make no mistake: Nail art looks just as good on short nails as it does on long!

Details: Cuticle Care Above All Else

Iram Shelton Spring Nail Trends 2024

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Use the arrival of spring as an opportunity to take cuticle care so seriously you make it a hobby. Sally Hansen celebrity manicurist Sigourney Nuñez tells us, "Cuticle oil is the new ChapStick. It's an affordable, moisturizing product that makes a big difference in our self-care routine. Just like cracked and chapped lips don't make us feel confident, neither do crusty cuticles," she explains. Nuñez recommends investing in a conditioning cuticle oil and making sure you take the time to massage it to jump-start nail growth.

Colors: Blue, Orange, and Peach

Nails by Zola Spring Nail Trends 2024

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Edwards also has the intel on the colors we'll be wearing nonstop the second March 21 hits: soft, watery blues; peach with pink undertones; and bold orange. Not only are they incredibly versatile and complementary of all skin tones, but they'll add a youthful, energetic touch to any look! Why not take cues from the manicure above by wearing all three colors at once?

Hyper-Feminine Details

Nails By Zola Spring Nail Trends 2024

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The Barbiecore trend that took over the second half of 2023 may finally be phasing itself out, but according to Nuñez, hyper-femininity is still very much in this spring. "Things like the color pink, pastels, and lace have previously been associated with being too girly," she says. "But now there's a shift in power and reclamation. It's 2024's version of girl power. On nails, this can look like a pink-on-pink manicure or painted details of bows and pearls." An easy and quick way to add a touch of femininity to any manicure is by finishing off a sparkling pink base with eye-catching nail charms and details as modeled above by Barbie movie star Ariana Greenblatt.

French Tips With a Twist

Betina Goldstein Spring Nail Trends 2024

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If you're tired of going the classic French manicure route but don't want to give up your milky-pink base (you'd have to pry OPI's Bubble Bath out of our cold, dead hands), consider focusing your attention on the tips instead. "The tip has a border but is full of design, such as a cow print or a texturized look. To achieve the look, start with your typical French tip choosing your desired color," begins V Beauty educator Alma Tobias. "Then in between the smile line and the tip, the border comes in not wider than two millimeters, but just wide enough to create the nail design, almost like negative space but as a border for your French tip."

Nail Jewelry and 3D

Iram Shelton Spring 2024 Nails

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According to celebrity nail artist Elle Gerstein, if you've been looking for the perfect opportunity to break out your nail jewelry and 3D designs, spring will be the best time to do it while staying on-trend. "[Whether] it's studding and rhinestones, rippled seashells, 3D swirls, etc., it can be anything that has texture that you can feel. This is making a big comeback, but in a very abstract way," she tells us. Gertsein recommends using V Beauty Pure Diamond Gel to create the 3D look since it doubles as a rhinestone application glue and has a thicker viscosity than can be cured. Here's to hoping we'll be seeing more of this year-round!

Aura and Ombré

Symphani Soto Spring Nail Trends 2024

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Does it surprise you at all that aura and ombré designs will still be making the rounds this season? We Who What Wear beauty editors had our fingers crossed for their return. Gerstein describes the trend as the act of "airbrushing or ombré-ing the center of the nail for a color-blended effect." Similar to the vibrant cat-eye prints that continue to be popular, aura and ombré designs can be mixed and matched with other designs and polish finishes for peak style.

Heart Art

Rae London Nails Spring Nail trends 2024

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It doesn't have to be Valentine's Day to break out your favorite nail polish and create a heart design you'll fall head over heels for. This spring, heart designs (accompanied by a lot of bows) will be everywhere you look. "Beyond Valentine's Day, people love to wear their hearts on nails. Whether it's being done using the latest magnet technique and velvet gel polish or decals or something hand-painted, hearts are here to stay. I think it's because hearts are such a powerful symbol of affection, positivity, and self-love," says Nuñez. It's time to do as the lovers do!

Abstract Designs

Brown Girl Hands Spring Nail Trends 2024

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"Embrace the abstract and break free from linear perfection by playing with organic lines, squiggles, and textures. Incorporate otherworldly elements for a uniquely artistic touch," V Beauty educator Noodle Yess encourages. If you'll be re-creating this trend on your own, all you'll need are the right tools and a steady hand to pull it off. In fact, we can't imagine a day when fashion people won't be in love with abstract designs on their nails like the one above modeled by Hannah Harris of Brown Girl Hands.

Glazed for Days

Lauren Crowe Spring Nail Trends 2024

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You read that correctly—glazed nails will still very much be in come spring thanks to the popularization of Zola Ganzorigt's interpretation of the trend for Hailey Bieber's viral "glazed donut" manicure. While it's taken many popular forms over the past year (we even saw the appearance of a strawberry glazed doughnut–inspired look), talented nail artists are still finding new and fun ways to take on the trend, adding their own personal twists. "The glazed nail trend has really cemented itself in the nail community and NailTok. Luckily, now there are plenty of ways to get the look easily at home," says Nuñez. "If you love painting your nails, one easy way to execute the trend is to add a layer of Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel Unicorn Top Coat on top of your favorite nail color or nail art design. The results are dreamy and extra shiny."

Futuristic Jelly

Nails by Zola Spring Nail Trends 2024

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Futuristic beauty is still going strong among the fashion crowd, and we can't wait to request this on our next trip to the nail salon. "[We're] embracing everything jelly, from vibrant colors like V Beauty Pure Jelly Fishing to special effects like cat-eye and reflective polishes, to channel a Y2K vibe with a futuristic twist. Hi, Zenon!" Yess tells us. If you're after this fun and youthful trend, look for a high-performance jelly nail polish that's long-lasting and delivers endless shine.

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