Psst: If You Don't Want People to Know You're Wearing False Lashes, Try These 10

I totally get it. “Natural-looking false eyelashes” could, if we nitpicked, be kind of an oxymoron. After all, most eyelashes on the market are anything but natural-looking, and even still, isn't’ the whole point of adding falsies into your makeup mix to add a visible difference to what God actually gave you? Well, maybe, maybe not. Even though false eyelashes might seem like a more visible play compared to other products like mascara or lash primers, if you find the right pair (the word “right” being key here), your falsie game can look just as au natural as your go-to mascara or even lash extensions. Practice where application is concerned is equally important, but after you hone your technique and with the right tools, strips, and/or clusters at your fingertips, no one will know you’re wearing false eyelashes except you. Promise! 

With more and more brands launching each and every year and with already existing brands really upping the ante in terms of style, length, and color options, the sky’s the limit for Bambi-eyed lash goals. That said, since it can take a lot of time and effort to muddle through everything the Internet has to offer these days, I’m here to help by narrowing your options. Below, discover ten of the best natural-looking false eyelashes money can buy plus some handy tools and accessories that will maximize your grand flutter finale even further. Keep scrolling!

LoveSeen Luca Lash in Brown / Black

In case you missed it, Jenna Lyons burst onto the beauty scene last year when she debuted her very own false-eyelash brand, LoveSeen. (You can read every last detail about the launch here!) Choose from a variety of options, many of which come in your choice of either Black, Light Brown, or Brown/Black for a slightly more surreptitious finish. Almost every LoveSeen lash looks natural, but Luca is our top choice for a variety of reasons: the clear band lends max invisibility along the base of your lashes, the staggering length of each lash hair mimics the look of your real flutter, and the two color options, Light Brown or Brown/Black, are ultra natural-looking.

Glamnetic Livin' Short Wispy Lash

Glamnetic's array of magnetic lashes are reusable, waterproof, latex/paraben-free, and they only take about one minute to apply. Wins all around! But what really separates this brand from the pack is how they specifically cater to multiple, more diverse eye shapes (almond, round, hooded, and monolid), something most brands still (embarrassingly) fail to do. If you're going for a natural-looking effect, we recommend Livin,' a short wispy-lash vibe. 

Lashify Intimates Collection - Ginger Gossamer Lashes

Remember pre-pandemic red carpet events? Well, more often than not, all of our favorite celebrities were/are wearing these very real-looking gossamer lashes from Lashify. The kits might be a bit more expensive than the average set of strips you can find at your drugstore, but the ultimate effect is so damn believable and eye-catching. Plus, each kit comes stocked with everything you could possibly need for professional-level application: a control wand, two sets of lashes, a bonding agent, and a waterproof lash extender. If you're looking for the most natural-looking finish, shop their Intimates collection which is designed with the most natural hues inspired by real lash color. Have you ever seen red lashes before? Yeah, didn't think so. Plus, you can customize even further by choosing your desired lash length.

Lilly Lashes Diamonds Lite Mink Lash

If you're looking for the brand of eyelashes most worn by celebrities, we'd like to introduce you to Lilly Lashes. We even spotted them on former First Lady Michelle Obama at President Joe Biden's inauguration. They've also been seen around town with A-list names such as Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and so on. The selection is largely glamorous and gives you a 3D effect for lots of oomph and depth, but the brand also has a few more natural-looking iterations up for grabs. For a lightly curled, wispy effect, we like Diamonds. 

MAC Cosmetics MAC Lash 30 Artiste Individual Lashes

A false-eyelash roundup would never be complete without at least one pair from MAC. The brand will always reign supreme on the false-lash front, and while there are plenty of new and exciting brands we love, the brand's signature cool factor and diversity in terms of styles, lengths, and colors will be loved forever and ever. For the most natural-looking effect, we recommend opting for their clusters of individual lashes—you'll get 54 total in three different lengths. 

Velour Effortless Natural Lash Collection in Short & Sweet

There's a lot to love about Velour Lashes. For one, the brand uses a super-innovative lash fiber that makes for an incredibly natural-looking result, and its lashes are ethically sourced and cruelty-free. If you care for them correctly, one set will last for an average of 25+ applications. (Yes, really!) If you want to trick people into thinking your falsies are natural, try shopping from the brand's Effortless collection—these lash strips don't require trimming or measuring, and, according to the brand, they represent their most natural, wearable styles. Short & Sweet has the perfect level of natural volume. 

Ardell Naked Lash 423, Multipack

Next to the Lashify Gossamers (which are more of an investment) that we mentioned above, Ardell's iconic falsie strips are probably the most used among pro makeup artists when they're prepping a celebrity client for a shoot or red carpet. They're super affordable, and although there are tons of options sure to strike every kind of fancy, we'll always be besotted with its Naked line for the most au natural kind of lash vibe.  Each set in the four-pack boasts a soft, flexible, invisible band (which won't scream that you're wearing falsies), plus a happy medium mid-length with layers of fine fibers to add a subtle bump in volume and length to your natural lashline.

Kiss Looks So Natural Multipack in Shy

The name doesn't lie—Kiss's Look So Natural false eyelashes really do look so natural. For just $9 you'll get five full pairs that are light as a feather so they not only look natural but feel natural on your lashline as well. Plus, they feature a tapered-end technology for that quintessential natural-looking result that blends effortlessly into your natural hairs. That type of camouflage is key if you want your falsies to go incognito.

Ace Beautē Artemis Lash

We can't get enough of Ace Beautē's Artemis lashes. Since they're made with a 100% cotton band (like all of the brand's lash offerings) they feel light and fluffy atop your natural lashes and impart just enough length to elevate and elongate without looking overly obvious. They're wispy and strategically tapered slightly on the inner half to lend a handy lifting effect, as well. (Psst! The brand also makes super-stunning eyeshadows to enhance your lids even further!)

Doe Lashes Really Really Lowkey Lashes

If you're on TikTok, you might be familiar with these comfy, Korean silk falsies from Doe Lashes. If not, let us introduce you! Trust us, if you visit the brand's website there's no way you're *virtually* walking out with just one pair, but if you're looking for the most natural in the bunch, we suggest Really Really Lowkey—the ultimate companion for a no-makeup makeup look but with just enough oomph to still lengthen and volumize whatever you were born naturally with on the eyelash front.

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