I Design for All Body Sizes, and These Are the Shopping Picks I'm Loving Now

Zeba Brand


Courtesy of Zeba

Sometimes, all it takes to make an impact is one person identifying a hole in the market, stepping in, calling it like it is, and shaking things up. Such is the case with designer Nabela Noor, who back in 2014 revolutionized the beauty industry with her goal of global representation for all skin tones. She worked alongside technicians to formulate coverage for precise skin tones, and now she's got her eye on fashion. Noor recently launched her first-ever clothing label called Zeba. It's named after her mother and is intended to encourage customers to embrace their bodies and eschew conventional standards. The coolest part? There are no numerical sizing conventions at Zeba. Instead, you'll find nontraditional sizing options like Radiant, Loved, and Independent.

We tapped Noor to get the scoop on her current body-inclusive shopping picks for right now and to hear how she chooses her wardrobe and what makes her feel most empowered and confident. Continue ahead to see her outfit snaps and to shop her favorite products of the moment.

"This coat is so chic, and I’m living for the lapels—and real, functional pockets. Women need real pockets, people!"

"We all deserve mom jeans. Mom jeans are a wardrobe staple, and I don’t care if it’s not 'flattering' for plus-size bodies or that you’ll see my rolls. You absolutely will, and I will still look good as hell (*in my Lizzo voice*)."

"I have been living in bandeaus and crop tops. I used to never show my stomach in fear of people seeing my stretch marks, belly, and imperfections. This summer, I dove into wearing what I want, how I want. Now I’m living in crop tops with no apology."

"Who said plus-size women can't be fashionable and on trend? Little by little, we are gaining access to the latest trends, and this is one I’ll hold on to forever." 

"I have to shout out my favorite piece in my closet. Ripped jeans! I love comfy ripped jeans to wear all year round. And just like not all nude lipsticks are the same, all ripped jeans are not the same. Thank you." 


"Comfy, cute, and empowering. I'll be living in my Love Yourself First crew from my very own brand Zeba all fall and winter long! My size? Radiant. Check out wearezeba.com to discover your size and shop the Love Yourself First collection today!"

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