The Best Plus-Size Fashion Brands, According to Experts

Fashion is an industry that’s slow to change. While it’s pretty easy to focus in on the areas that need improvement—particularly when it comes to creating an environment that is truly inclusive—there’s a number brands that deserve some kudos for raising the bar, being leaders, and simply offering amazing designs for women who account for 68% of the population—that’s anyone size 14 or above, according to Plunkett Research. So, we turned to some of our most trusted experts to weigh in.

Looking to women who are not only influencers but also designers and thought leaders in fashion, we asked for a breakdown of which size-inclusive and plus-size-offering retailers are truly killing it right now. They not only spilled on who they believe is the best of the best but also broke down which under-the-radar brands deserve our immediate attention and what labels are totally worth the splurge. Read on for their insights, and then feel free to indulge in some retail therapy if you're feeling inspired.

Best mass retailer: Target

"I think my favorite brand right now is Target. They nail trend pieces that are a great quality for the cost. The Who What Wear line always has something that is my style, and I really dig the new Prologue line. I think Target also does a great job with their imagery and diversity. You can tell they truly believe in what they're doing."

Under-the-radar brand everyone needs to know: Zelie for She

"One of my favorite clothing brands right now (and has been for years) is Zelie for She. The designer produces everything in the U.S., and her pieces are always both comfortable and unique. I also really just love that her collections are limited; it makes coveting them even more special. I have pieces from her that I've had for years!"

Most worth the splurge: Universal Standard

"My fave brand to splurge on is Universal Standard. They make great closet staples that are basic enough to wear every day but unique enough to stand out. Every single item I have from Universal Standard I get compliments on every time I wear it. They're edgy and cool without trying too hard."

Best mass retailer: ASOS

"I'm a huge lover of ASOS! I really appreciate that they aggregate plus-size brands on their site while also creating their own designs that extend the range from straight to plus and even maternity. They are also a wonderful destination for footwear, which is great for my wide, size-11 feet! Most times when I shop at ASOS, I pick up statement pieces that are sure to stand out from the crowd, whether it's a dress, a coordinate set, or a kimono."

Under-the-radar brand everyone needs to know: Premme

"I get really excited about Premme and all of the work they are doing within the fashion and retail space! [Founders Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason] are extremely thoughtful in their creative process, and their products are an embodiment of that attentiveness—not a lot of brands can say that. Their items are beautifully constructed and designed with the plus-size body in mind, which makes the shopping experience much more enjoyable. I think what I love most about Premme is that they are not designing the run-of-the-mill plus-size products and are pushing the envelope of what it means to be plus-size and fashionable. They are making products that plus-size women actually want to wear but don't have access to. I also appreciate that Premme is a passion project for Gabi and Nicolette. I will always support female entrepreneurs!"

Most worth the splurge: See Rose Go and 11 Honoré

"Both retailers provide high-quality plus-size clothing, which is, sadly, rare. I don't mind shelling out more money for a product that I know will last me longer than one season. I love fast-fashion as much as the next girl, but I also want to invest in pieces that will become staples in my closet for years on end. Both retailers provide excellent options for plus-size women trying to add luxury into their wardrobes."

Best mass retailer: Pretty Little Things and ASOS

"They both have such a wide range and selection. From PLT, I usually get my going-out dresses, and from ASOS, I get almost anything I need from them. ASOS is really good at styling pieces on their site and also has a runway video so you can get an idea of how the clothes will actually look and how they move, which is really helpful for me."

Under-the-radar brands everyone needs to know: By Nadia Aboulhosn and Premme

"I'd say my clothing size–inclusive line,, just because I'm biased. But I'd have to say my good friends Gabi and Nicolette's plus line Premme. They have so many cute and really good quality/well-made pieces. I'd say it stands out because they both really know fashion. They've been in the industry for years, so they know the ins and outs, what works and doesn't. I've seen how much hard work they put into it and attention to detail. That's so important when running your own line."

Most worth the splurge: Marina Rinaldi and Savage x Fenty

"Marina Rinaldi is so worth the price because the quality and fabric are top-notch. Its pieces are timeless and last forever. I have a blazer from them I throw on for a quick meeting and have had it in my closet for three years. I'd also say Savage x Fenty lingerie. I low-key wear the lingerie as everyday pieces—they're so cute and comfy."