How #MyCalvins Became a Social Media Phenomenon

Over 180, 000 photos are tagged #MyCalvins on Instagram. To give some perspective on how huge this is, check out the number attached to #HMBalmaination (13, 118), #YeezySeason (71, 474) and #LonelyGirlsProject (328). In 2014, Calvin Klein launched the campaign to promote its underwear line—using social media (and a slew of digital influencers) as its tool.

Following the original postings from social media stars tagging #MyCalvins came the celebrities. Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber to be specific (interestingly, Bieber was approached after he tagged #MyCalvins purely out of his love for the brand). And once the celebrities came, millennials followed, with the minimal, lo-fi campaign shots being recreated, tagged and shared.

As Racked pointed out, the campaign taps into the idea of nostalgia—referencing campaigns of the early ‘90s featuring Mark Whalberg and Kate Moss.

Since the conversation started, Calvin Klein has seen significant growth on its social platforms and the best submissions end up landing on the site—a pretty good incentive to get tagging if you’re an aspiring model or looking for fame.

What can we learn from this? Sometimes, going back to basics is what works best for an iconic brand.

Keep scrolling to see our favourite shots of Kendall Jenner in the campaign and to shop some of our most-coveted pieces.  

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