This New Dress Trend Works Day or Night, Year-Round

Mustard dresses—so hot right now? Yes, seriously. Fashion girls are trading their little black dresses for mustard-colored ones as of late, and we can think of a number of reasons for it. First of all, the hue pairs beautifully with a variety of other hues, even unexpected ones like navy, brown, olive, and red. But maybe even more important (to us, at least) is the fact that unlike their spring and summer-specific pale yellow counterparts, mustard dresses are appropriate for every season of the year and transition beautifully from day to night. So much so that it's one of our current favorite colors to wear to weddings, the office, and everything in between. 

To inspire your mustard dress shopping, we rounded up a few examples of very stylish fashion insiders who have rocked the trend as of late, along with a slew of cool mustard dresses for you to shop. Read on to get in on the newest dress trend!