I'm Thinking Ahead—Everything I Already Know I'll Buy Come Spring 2024


(Image credit: Tory Burch; @thatgirlyusra; Carven/Launchmetrics Spotlight; @elizagracehuber)

There was a time, before social media, when only editors, models, and other insider fashion cohorts were really paying attention to runway collections as they were showcased, making the roughly six-month gap between their debut and their arrival in stores feel like no huge deal for consumers. But these days, when every single collection is discussed and shared at length almost immediately following a show or literally during it, that wait time is almost unbearable.

Instead of wasting away in self-pity, though, I'm channeling that energy into intensely planning those purchases that will become possible in half a year's time, allowing myself the opportunity to save my pennies until the exact day my dream The Row water shoes and Tory Burch evening coat at last make themselves available. Of course, looking through countless dreamy runway looks in the research process will only spur my want to spend right now, which is why the below guide to shopping spring 2024's star pupils early will have its fair share of buy-now options sprinkled in. There's something for everyone—the impatient shoppers and the intense planners—including me, who's a little bit of both. 

Scroll down to navigate through my comprehensive spring 2024 wish list, including shoes, bags, outerwear, and more. 



Chanel Mary Jane Flats:
(Image credit: Chanel/Launchmetrics Spotlight)

When my co-worker Kristen Nichols and I were working on this season's all-cities trend guide a few weeks ago, one of the first topics we talked at length about was the continued dominance of flats, specifically, these white CC-embossed Mary Jane flats that we both honed in on at Chanel's show in Paris. Simple, yes, but radically elegant as well, the slip-ons are sure to go down in Chanel history as one of the greats, next to the French brand's ballet flats and slingback pumps. 

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Altuzarra Satin Mules:
(Image credit: Courtesy of Altuzarra)

Before you tell me that satin shoes are impractical, let me tell you all about a pair that I've now purchased twice because I wore the first ones daily for years, venturing through rain and even snow at times without irreversibly damaging the mules. Sadly, they've been long out of production, and I can't find another pair anywhere, which is why I'm venturing out in search of a replacement for the pretty pump style. In six months, these Altuzarra lime-green slides will be at the top of my buy list. Right now, I just might have to order the champagne-colored Toteme pair below. 

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Proenza Schouler Net Flats:
(Image credit: @anna__laplaca)

I'm a heel person through and through (Posh and I are alike in that way), but somehow, designers of late have convinced me to hang up my stilettos in favor of flatter footwear. Case in point, these net-like flats from Proenza Schouler, which have been a major topic of conversation in the WWW offices ever since they debuted at the brand's NYFW show. 

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The Row Water Shoes:
(Image credit: Courtesy of The Row)

Ever since The Row's nylon water shoes sold out completely last May, I've been desperately searching for a pair on the secondhand market, scouring The RealReal, Vestiaire Collective, Poshmark, and eBay for a pair in a size 40 to no avail. When Jenny Walton wore a look-alike pair of $15 Decathlon water shoes on her IG Stories (similar to these sneakers on her by Loewe), those sold out too. But finally, the light at the end of the tunnel is here because all these months later, The Row's supplying the granola-y fashion world with yet another pair of shoes that work for both the streets of Paris and Italy's rocky beaches. For S/S 24, the brand debuted a net-like, plastic-y flat in various colors, from classic black to brighter shades like red and teal, that will no doubt sell out immediately upon their arrival in stores. My tip? Set your alerts now. 

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Bags & Accessories


Red Bally Duffle:
(Image credit: Bally/Launchmetrics Spotlight)

I'll be the first person to admit that Bally's show isn't usually one of the ones I anticipate most come Milan Fashion Week, marking my calendar and setting my alarm to livestream it from the comfort of my bed in NYC. However, after thoroughly examining the S/S 24 collection, a practice that includes lots of zooming in and looking at pieces from all accessible angles, I might have to do that for the brand's show next season. Particularly, I loved all of the pops of red in the collection, most notably in the form of this oversize top-handle bag with gold hardware. I've needed a big bag for everything from weekends away to lugging stuff to and from the WWW offices, and while I could just buy something now, I'd much rather wait for this beauty to fill the void. 

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White Kallmeyer Bandana:
(Image credit: @elizagracehuber)

What I love about the NYC-based brand Kallmeyer is how wearable literally every single article of clothing is that it designs and produces, from a tailored vest to a drapey trench to this white bandana, the latter of which I was immediately drawn to when I stepped foot inside the brand's NYFW presentation at Corner Bar, a buzzy new restaurant inside Nine Orchard Hotel. In the lookbook, I saw it paired effortlessly with red linen trousers as well as with tiny, belted briefs for the whole no-pants look that I personally can't get enough of. 

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Gold Khaite Hands Belt:
(Image credit: Khaite/Launchmetrics Spotlight)

Bold and eye-catching belt buckles were a dime a dozen on the runways this season, but of all the oblong and surrealist shapes I saw between New York and Paris, this sculptural design at Khaite was by far the most interesting and outfit-making. Shown here with a simple drapey dress and elsewhere with a bodysuit and tailored shorts, the belt has a knack for turning up the chic-o-meter on fairly unexciting ensembles, something I always look for when buying accessories. I'm a jeans-and-tee kind of dresser, so cool add-ons are essential. 

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Bevza Top-Handle Bag:
(Image credit: @elizagracehuber)

Almost the entire WWW team attended this season's Bevza show, and when this white, top-handle purse accompanied an all-white-clad model on the runway, we all looked at each other, nodding in approval in a way that said, "I'm buying that." 

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Saint Laurent Sculptural Earrings:
(Image credit: Saint Laurent/Launchmetrics Spotlight)

One look at Hailey Bieber's Instagram feed and you'll be met with all the proof necessary to understand Saint Laurent's incredible earring selection of late, but none have caught my attention quite as quickly and ferociously as these from the S/S 24 show. The '80s have an iron grip on my style of late, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that I've been loving all things big, gold, and a touch excessive. 

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Zippered Ferragamo Bag:
(Image credit: Ferragamo/Launchmetrics Spotlight)

I've been eyeing Ferragamo's bag selection ever since Maximilian Davis took over as the brand's creative director three seasons ago. Its Hug bag from last season has had me scouring sale and secondhand pages for months, but it wasn't until I spotted this zippered, patent-leather style at the spring show that I quit my searching entirely and instead starting focusing all of my attention on finding ways for me to afford it once it's released in a few (and then a few more) months. 

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Ferragamo Capri Leggings:
(Image credit: Courtesy of Ferragamo)

Capris are back and here to stay, whether you're personally ready for their return to fashion's good graces or not. I myself am smitten with the cropped bottoms, specifically those that have a pedal-pusher air about them, which is why I fell hard for this Ferragamo look. I love how the ensemble is quite pared-back, but small details like the bottoms with the open-toed heels, the pop of color with the bag, and the sportiness of the bomber combine to create an outfit I'd copy again and again once I get my hands on these pants. 

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White, Feathered Tove Skirt:
(Image credit: Courtesy of Tove)

The trend of comparing fashion items to works of art has lost some of its meaning after years of use, but when I tell you that I'd pay to see this feather-hemmed Tove skirt in the Louvre, I'm not kidding. The way that it moves is proof that Camille Perry and Holly Wright, the brand's founders, know how to craft a garment that works with the wearer and makes them feel special. 

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Black Tibi Tuck Jeans:
(Image credit: @elizagracehuber)

I was lucky enough to go backstage at this season's Tibi show, where Creative Director and founder Amy Smilovic shared that these jeans, a new silhouette for Tibi called the Tuck jeans, are one of her favorite pieces for spring, and I could immediately tell why. As a superfan of the brand's Sid jeans (see them below), I'm all too aware of the supremacy of Smilovic's denim creations, and after seeing this new style both up close and personal backstage and on the runway, I can tell that the fit is perfect—it's just super relaxed and moves with ease. 

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Cherry-Red Gucci Pencil Skirt:
(Image credit: Courtesy of Gucci)

After seeing bright red nonstop since the fall runway shows in February, Gucci's show was a welcome bit of relief from the shade, with the brand's new creative director, Sabato de Sarno, pushing a black-cherry agenda instead. This inclusion of the color felt especially punchy with the contrast of the gray, sporty jacket and the sleekness of the patent-leather pencil skirt, which I can't wait to buy either in spring or perhaps a few months later once I can find one on the secondhand market. 

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Emilia Wickstead Jeans:
(Image credit: Courtesy of Emilia Wickstead)

There's nothing that excites me more during a new season than a designer who's known for one aesthetic dipping their toes into another one, which is why I was so thrilled to find this full denim look in Emilia Wickstead's S/S 24 collection. It still contains her signature feminine, elegant look with the widened collar and delicate layering, but the addition of denim and the oversize fit felt very new for the British brand. 

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Sheer, Red Peter Do Skirt:
(Image credit: Courtesy of Peter Do)

Just because I was excited to see another shade of red reign supreme this season doesn't mean that I'm tired of the old one—quite the opposite actually. And of all the many red pieces I spotted in the spring collections, this sheer midi skirt from Peter Do's Paris debut is one of only a few that I've been unable to stop thinking about since. 

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Carven Nylon Trench Coat:
(Image credit: Carven/Launchmetrics Spotlight)

I've owned a lot of trench coats in my lifetime, ranging from Zara to Burberry, and if I'm being honest, I still haven't found *the one.* That all changed, though (or at least I think it will change), when I saw this boxy, nylon trench in Carven's Paris show. In general, this collection took me by complete surprise and has quickly become one of my favorites of the entire season, with pieces including this trench, the beaded flats, and all of the different sculpted tunics all going on my wish list for the season ahead. 

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Tory Burch Satin Evening Coat:
(Image credit: @thatgirlyusra)

Ever since her much-talked-about S/S 23 runway show, Tory Burch's collections have gotten stronger and stronger every season, with her latest one, hosted at the newly constructed Richard Gilder Center for Science, Education, and Innovation at the Natural History Museum in NYC, being my favorite of all. I'll never get over the sporty sunglasses and oversize baubles paired to perfection with bell-embellished minis and satin evening coats, the last of which I'm ready to preorder right this very second. 

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Prada Workwear Jacket:
(Image credit: Prada/Launchmetrics Spotlight)

One of the most-talked-about collections of the season was Prada's, which stylist Elly McGaw called the Milanese brand's best one to date. The buzziest items from it? Well, there are the fringe belt skirts, the shadowy sheer dresses, and perhaps the coolest of all, these leather-collared utility jackets, an outerwear look that's quickly becoming a huge trend not for spring but for right now.

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Proenza Schouler Fishnet Halter Dress:
(Image credit: Proenza Schouler/Launchmetrics Spotlight)

Showstopping! Awe-inspiring! Utterly lust-worthy! This is the type of messaging that comes to mind when I think about Proenza Schouler's spring collection, from these fishnet halters to the knotted sweater alts in red and white to the net-like flats mentioned above. Simply put, the collection was refined and utterly Proenza while also feeling completely new and different from what everyone else in the business is doing, a rare feat in fashion these days.

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Tory Burch U-Neck Tunic:
(Image credit: Courtesy of Tory Burch)

When I tell you that my jaw dropped when the first of four total U-neck dresses appeared on the runway at Tory Burch's show this season, I'm being completely truthful. Hell, there's probably a picture of my face somewhere if you did enough zooming in a live stream or runway picture of the event. I've seen a deep V and liked it, but the concept never felt very ingenious to me. Not like this U-shaped neckline. It's coming home with me, even if I have to wait six months to make it happen.

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16Arlington Leather Midi Dress:
(Image credit: Courtesy of 16Arlington)

Last but not least is this sculptural beauty of a dress from the 16Arlington show in London. While I'd argue that the dress, made of gray leather and detailed with a corset waist and accentuated hips, is, on its own, perfect, the pop of red with the bag is really the cherry on top of the whole look. *Chef's kiss.*

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