The Shoes We Never Wear With Shorts

Shorts are undoubtedly a warm-weather staple, but truth be told, we can't think of many articles of clothing that are quite as tricky to wear as our beloved shorts. The reason? Simply put, they're short. So unlike something that doesn't expose quite as much leg, you can't just wear any type of shoe with them, or you run the risk of your outfit looking over-the-top "sexy" or them making your legs look shorter. But that doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of options when it comes to what shoes to wear with shorts.

Enter: Your shorts-loving team of Who What Wear editors. Over the years, we've tried (and skipped, in some cases) every combination under the sun, eventually coming to the conclusion that there are certain shoe styles that we'll never wear with shorts. Alternatively, there are certain shoes that we wear with shorts on repeat (and you'll probably want to, too, once you see how chic they are).

Because summer is coming, keep scrolling to find out which shoes Who What Wear editors never wear with shorts (and shop five shoe styles that are perfect with shorts).