7 Models With Just-as-Cool Side Jobs

Though we're forever coveting models' off-duty style, we don't always take into consideration what they're up to when they're off duty. We imagine they live their lives off the runway, jet-setting between exotic locales and making appearances at exclusive parties. While this all might be true, what's less obvious is that they also make time for other things—like leading more-or-less normal lives and holding down surprising (and really cool) side jobs.

We've rounded up seven lovely ladies who—in addition to working numerous runways, gracing many a magazine cover, and fronting many a campaign—have found success doing something else they love in their own side hustles. You know their faces and probably even know their names, but keep reading to find out what else they've got going on behind the glitz and glam modeling. From an O.G. supermodel to the new generation of fashion girls to know, these models are making time to moonlight in the coolest ways.

See below to discover the surprising side jobs of seven models.