I Have 25 Screenshots of This Shoe Style on My Phone

When it comes to fashion, I pretty much stick to classic pieces with clean lines, so it was no surprise when the minimalist sandal trend caught my eye this spring. But what did surprise me was just how many screenshots I had of the shoe style on my phone. In fact, I counted 25 screenshots in my camera roll (I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that number) from the month of April alone.

I haven’t actually ordered a pair yet, but I know a pair is in my wardrobe’s future. For spring and summer, the sandals are the perfect companion to floral midi dresses and denim and any number of outfits I could possibly throw together. What I love most about these styles is that they have an element of cool fashion design that feels fresh and cool, but I also know they’re something I could wear year after year. I’m still deciding which ones to order, but I’ve rounded up the ones at the top of my list so you can shop them right away.

Anyone else as ready as I am to wear these sandals now?

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