The Internet Says Matte Nail Polish Is Cool Again—15 Shades We're Shopping

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If there's one thing we can count on Instagram and TikTok for, it's bringing new beauty trends to light. Lately, those trends have been (in no particular order) the "model cheekbones" contour trick, an obsession with '70s-inspired hair, and something called "vampire skin." 

Sometimes, though, the trends that circulate on Instagram and TikTok aren't exactly new—they're just a return to old, familiar ones. Take matte nail polish, for instance. What was once the trendiest manicure somewhere circa 2010, is making its way back into the spotlight. But instead of the kitschy matte nail art we used to see on social media, this year's updated version is all about clean and minimalist designs with a soft, shine-free finish. In other words, they're surprisingly and incredibly cool. Keep scrolling to see the 15 best matte nail colors to incorporate (or should I say reincorporate) into your collection. 

Matte Nails



The 15 Best Matte Nail Polishes to Shop Now

This matte topcoat is vegan and cruelty-free and offers the perfect shine-free finish. 

This matte shade is such a cool take on traditional crimson nails. 

I think Boy de Chanel is one of the coolest nail products ever created by the designer brand. It offers a wash of a natural, transparent color that almost has a blurring effect on the nails. Plus, there's no shine whatsoever—it offers a totally matte finish. 

The brand also makes it in an inky black shade. Again, it's a completely matte formula. I like the fact that it contains panthenol to strengthen nails over time. 


You don't need a UV lamp for this gel-effect topcoat. Just swipe it on as you would a normal nail polish and it will provide long-wearing, chip-resistant protection to any color (and a soft matte effect, too). 

Iconic nail polish brand Jinsoon also makes a topcoat that instantly transforms any polish from shiny to matte. 

There's something about this bright kelly green that makes me want to pair it with my favorite neutral athleisure set. 

The same goes for this topcoat. The gel-effect polish means you don't need any fancy equipment to use it, yet it will provide a long-lasting effect. 

OPI never misses, and this matte topcoat is no exception.

This thermal nail polish changes to a dark oxblood red when cold and a bright crimson when warm. it dries to a matte finish, so no topcoat is necessary. 

When cold, this polish is indigo blue. As soon as it's warmed up, it changes to pale lavender.

This budget-friendly brand is so underrated. I love all of its polishes, including this matte topcoat. 

Another topcoat, this one provides an instant gloss-to-matte effect and a smooth finish.

Another color-changing formula, this one transforms from cornflower blue to white based on the temperature. it also has a matte finish. 

I'll end with my favorite matte product—this Olive and June topcoat. It makes my manicures last longer than any other topcoat I've ever tried. And, FYI, the Olive and June Glossy Top Coat ($9) is just as good.