TikTok Says '70s Hair Is Back—10 Essential Products That Come in Under $28


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This year, the '90s blowout was the most popular hairstyle on TikTok. People were obsessed with getting the voluminous, layered look of Cindy Crawford, Denise Richards, and other '90s icons. Now, though, the tides are starting to turn in favor of another hairstyle, and this one is straight out of the '70s. TikTokers are obsessed with trying hairstyles that are straight out of the disco era. 

According to celebrity hairstylist Danielle Priano, there were a variety of styles that dominated the decade. "When it comes to '70s hairstyles, there are definitely a few iconic looks that will work for everyone," she says. "We have the layered/feathered hair, the French-girl hair, disco hair, the full afro, the bob, and the mermaid blunt long bob. Each of these unique styles will vary depending on face shape and hair texture, so you really have to think about what would fit your style the best. A big factor that can help you decide which style you’d like to try is whether you’re someone who’ll dedicate time to style your hair or if you like a lower maintenance approach. For example, layered, feathered-out hair like Farrah Fawcett's takes time; you need to blowout the hair with a large round brush and use pin curls to section out the hair that will leave the ultimate cool, voluminous 'blown away from the face' look." 


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Yet, it's that exact hairstyle—the fluffy, feathered look à la Farrah Fawcett and Jaclyn Smith—that's making its round on TikTok. Similar to the '90s blowout, this one is all about volume and movement, but it's even bigger and more layered. Take it from celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons, who says, "I think TikTok has been a huge factor in the resurgence of these timeless styles, so I think the '70s styles are going to stick around for the time being." 

And specifically, Farrah Fawcett–inspired styles. "In my opinion, one of the most iconic styles from the '70s is Farrah Fawcett. Her blended layers, mega volume, and stunning curtain bangs are so flattering on all face shapes and hair types, and the added dimension helps to make you look like you walked straight out of the salon," he says. 


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While you'll need longer hair (and the right cut) to achieve the specific style going around TikTok, there are ways to channel your favorite '70s icons if you have shorter and/or curly hair. "For those with shorter hair, Diana Sands was well known in the '70s for her beautiful hair that is half pixie cut, half bob," Fitzsimons says. "For those with curly or coily hair, Diana Ross is the true icon. Her signature afro knew no bounds and has been the inspiration for so many embracing their natural hair texture and volume to this day." 

Priano also references Diana Ross. Whereas Marilisa, artistic director for Marc Anthony Hair Care, and Jennifer Matos, celebrity hairstylist at Rita Hazan, both reference Donna Summer. We'd also like to add Pam Grier, yet another '70s fashion and beauty icon, into the mix.

How to Achieve the '70s Style


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Luckily, the professionals are here to explain how your favorite '70s icons (and modern-day TikTokers) are getting such massive volume and bounce. According to Matos, you want to start by shampooing and conditioning your hair and then adding a volumizing product.

From there, rough-dry your hair with a hair dryer. Next, it's time to section (this is the important part). Marilisa recommends clipping the front away and sectioning the hair from ear to ear in one-inch pieces. Only then should you reach for a round brush and your hair dryer (again). "Take about one-inch sections from the back, and with the brush, slide it down to the ends and roll it up and out," she says. "If your hair tends to drop, I would pin each bit in place to cool while working on the rest of your hair. Repeat this until the back is done. When doing the front, you are going to focus on continuing to flip the hair out. The sides will go back, and the top will go up and back." 


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Fitzsimons says you can also use a curling iron or blow-dryer attachment to ensure you get the big, bold curls you're after. Just be sure to still curl your hair away from your face. "You do not have to make your curls super tight," he says. "A larger-barrel curling iron, about two inches, is better for this look!"

He also emphasizes the importance of pinning the curls. Although, he recommends incorporating rollers to get the most out of the look. "Apply curlers to each section of hair that has been curled, and pin up with bobby pins," he says. "Let the curls sit for about 30 to 40 minutes, then slowly unravel each curler." From there, he recommends applying a texturizing spray, finger combing the curls for a sexy, undone look and finishing up with a strong-hold hair spray to ensure your hair won't fall throughout the day.

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