Margot Robbie Says This Basic Outfit Combo Will Never Grow Old

Margot Robbie's Favorite Outfit Combo


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It's safe to say Margot Robbie keeps busy. Hot off the heels of a press tour de force at the Cannes Film Festival for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Robbie headed home to Los Angeles to film Vogue's 73 Questions series to accompany her new July cover for the magazine. While the cover spread features Robbie showing off fanciful Marc Jacobs and Gucci dresses, the seven-minute video offers a glimpse at the real Margot Robbie, including her thoughts on various fashion trends.

When asked about a fashion trend she's positive will never grow old, Robbie replied with the ultimate essential outfit combo: a crisp white shirt and blue jeans. How can you argue with that? In the new video, she also revealed that she thinks chunky '80s earrings will come back in style and that her latest fashion purchase was a yellow blouse by Zimmermann. Oh, and the trend she hopes will never see the light of day again? "Stripey toe socks—I don't know if that was ever big here [in the U.S.], but that was big when I was a kid," the Australian explained. Scroll down to watch the new video and preview her new Vogue cover shoot.

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