We're All Obsessing Over Margot Robbie's Authentic '90s Style in I, Tonya

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To celebrate the release of the highly anticipated I, Tonya—lead role played by Golden Globe winner and Oscar nominee Margot Robbie—we’re doing a deep dive on the very authentic ‘90s fashion featured in the movie. Why? Because it isn't your typical ‘90s fashion featured, it’s actually better. Here's why.

Robbie, who plays iconic American figure skater Tonya Harding; wears crafty, bright and colourful skating costumes along with what was an everyday wardrobe in the '90s. Think masculine sweaters, sports bombers, candy-stripe shirts, worn-in denim jeans and tennis shoes—all styled by costume designer Jennifer Johnson. Staying true to her character, Robbie even sports a mullet hair-cut and over-the-top makeup looks on and off the ice.

While her costumes aren't going on our Pinterest boards for the season, we’re having an actual moment for the authenticity and true homage to Tonya Harding's style. As reported in a recent article by American Vogue, Johnson did a lot of detailed research for the movie as Harding’s real-life story was dark, and she didn't want the styling of the character to come off as a cheap or a cheesy take on ‘90s trends. “You can walk into any Urban Outfitters and adorn yourself with the perfect, on-the-nose ’90s outfit. For the film, in particular, that just wasn’t interesting to me. I wanted to make it feel real and authentic and not a millennial fashion moment.”

Watch the I, Tonya trailer before its January 25 release and keep reading to shop our quick edit of authentic '90s vintage, including a pair of classic Volley trainers. We all need a pair.


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