I Officially Stan These 21 Things at Mango Right Now

mango new arrivals



I'm not going to lie—it took me way too long to figure out how to properly use the word "stan" in a sentence, and if I'm being honest, I'm still not even sure I'm doing it right. But what I do know is that all the cool kids are saying it and that it basically means I'm a super-fan of something. Today, that something is Mango. Mango has been one of my favorite affordable retailers for quite some time for so many reasons. For one, the tailoring is exceptional on everything from blazers to trousers and back again. For two, the prices are beyond justifiable. And for three, I can find every trend and then some among the well-curated pages of products. 

Well, folks, the new arrivals section at Mango is currently popping off with cow prints galore, bubblegum pink everything, and every bike short outfit imaginable. I know I don't know a lot about stanning, but I do know that I stan for the 21 Mango products below. I have a feeling you will too. Go on to shop my top favorites from the fast-fashion retailer.

Cow print is the new leopard print. Spread the word. 

Pink has weirdly never felt more accessible. 

Note to self: Wear multiple leopard pieces at once. 

Mango making a case for no pants? Down. 

Because what's one more pair of cowboy boots?

The winter way to wear a Canadian tuxedo. 

Knit matching sets are the best travel uniform. 

Wild West vibes are all we can think about right now. 

A casual '90s mom takes a hike. 

The crafty accessory every blazer and bike shorts outfit needs. 

The fuzzy coat of our dreams doesn't even look this good. 

This one's all in the details. 

The street style–approved way to wear ankle boots. 

We warned you: Shorts are coming back. 

Everything from the chain necklace to the boots is sheer perfection. 

Okay, Mango, you've convinced us to continue loving bike shorts. 

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