7 Madewell Basics I've Been Buying For Years

I remember the very first time I ever bought anything from Madewell. It was 10 or 11 years ago and I had just gotten my bonus from my first full-time "office" job. When I left work for the day, I drove straight to the Century City Mall in L.A. and bought a sparkly (subtly) navy blue double-breasted blazer. I wore it dozens of times over the years and I still own it. My repeated use of the blazer and my reluctance to part with it is a testament to just how well Madewell does special basics.

I've continued to shop at Madewell over the years, and I have plenty of outfit photos to prove it, as you'll see below. Something I've noticed about my Madewell purchases is that I always gravitate toward certain categories, i.e. jeans. (If you haven't tried their denim yet, I urge you to do so—it's really good.) On top of just having great basics, they offer inclusive sizing and have epic sales. All things considered, I'm a fan.

Keep scrolling to shop pieces from the 7 basics categories I've been buying from Madewell for the past decade.


I love a good oversized button-down, and Madewell definitely gets me in that respect. The Ex-Boyfriend and Courier styles, in particular, are long-time favorites of mine.


If I could only recommend one thing from Madewell, it would be jeans. Whether you're into skinny, straight, baggy, or flared style, they have it all, and the fit of every style they tackle is excellent.


Thanks in part to that very first Madewell blazer I bought, I've long been partial to it's jackets and outerwear of every variety, from puffers to trench coats to denim and leather jackets.


Madewell naturally stocks lots of denim shorts in a variety of lengths, but you'll also find pleated, pull-on, and even cargo shorts in the mix. I always look forward to seeing what styles they come up with each summer.


Jumpsuits can be tricky to wear, but Madewell's are surprisingly easy and flattering (and comfortable). As proof, I often find that they're one of the first things to sell out in each new collection. 


If you just want to stock up on easy, affordable sweaters, Madewell is an excellent place to do so. They always have a mix of trend-forward styles, but you can also find plenty of basic ones that you'll wear year after year.


Madewell's pajama section is consistently filled with styles that are cute enough for Instagram, but never without sacrificing comfort. I'm partial to the button-downs paired with matching shorts.

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