6 Ways to Make Your Fall Basics Look Current (and More Expensive)

As someone who loves trends, the inability to wear them (in public at least) over the past few months has forced me to reevaluate the contents of my wardrobe. What I've come to realize is that if I want to start making the most of what I already have sitting in my closet instead of buying every new fall trend in existence, I need to take a good hard look at my basics. Basic pieces like jeans, blazers, knits, and more act as the building blocks for not only a solid wardrobe but also a solid outfit. 

Curious to discover new ways to style my arsenal of basics to look more current (and expensive), I did some research and came up with six style tips that will help all of us get excited about our basics again this fall. So before you dive headfirst into all of your seasonal trend shopping, browse through this story and discover all the new 2020 ways you can be making the most of your basics this year. 

Black Leather Separates

Basics Styling



Style Tip: Style your go-to leather pieces with all-black counterparts while also mixing proportions. We love how this simple black jacket is paired with a high slit and tall boots. 

Plain Sweaters

Basics Styling



Style Tip: Layer a statement-collar shirt underneath your simple sweaters for a trendy fall look that is easy to achieve. 

Style Tip: Pair all of your tall boots this season with cutout dresses. The cutout movement is shaping up to be everywhere this fall, and from what we can see, the dress version looks amazing with these timeless boots. 

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Big Blazers

Style Tip: Update your big blazers with latex-looking pants. The contrast of the kitschy bottoms with the structured boxy blazer is going to be a major look this fall. 

Button-Down Shirts

Basics Styling



Style Tip: Layer a relaxed sweater vest on top of your basic button-down shirts. On the bottom, anything from classic denim to loose trousers will fit the bill. 

Style Tip: Jazz up your blue jeans with a trendy baseball cap and cowboy boots. This look is very Princess Diana–inspired, but that's kind of why we love it.